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Harry Styles Is On The Fence When It Comes To Coronavirus

Gettyimages | NBC
By Rima Pundir

The Coronavirus has created quite the scare amidst celebrities and the general public. Conferences the world over are being canceled or postponed, and many singers and musicians have taken to canceling their tours or postponing them to better times. Mariah Carey is one, Ozzy Osbourne is another. And Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom even had to cancel and postpone their early summer wedding so planned in Japan. But Harry Styles is having none of that for now, for he is boldly taking the stage, everywhere his fans want him to.

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Harry Washes His Hands, As Per Directions

Gettyimages | Rich Fury

According to Harry Styles, he is doing what the medical advisory for the Coronavirus is saying, washing his hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. So Styles says that while he really doesn't know much about it all, its best to follow doctor's orders. And keep washing your hands, even if you need to keep a bottle of hand lotion handy to avoid dry skin or chapped hands. Knowing Harry, his choice of hand lotion, much like his clothes, is probably Gucci.

Is Styles Braver Than James Bond?

Gettyimages | Slaven Vlasic

Even James Bond is wary of the Coronavirus, though Bond's worry is more about the next film doing well. Accordingly, the release of No Time To Die as been pushed back to November, as Daniel Craig would much rather be at home than attend public events to promote his movie. Harry Styles seems to have no such hiccups as he goes about his merry way, belting out song after song, on stage after stage. So Harry Styles is braver than Bond, if not Daniel Craig.

Harry Doesn't Quite Know What To Do, For Now

Gettyimages | NBC

According to Harry Styles, he and his team are monitoring the situation, because it's a bit too early to tell which way the Coronavirus will be heading next. There have been viruses before this with a far higher mortality rate, and for now, it seems to be targeting the sick, feeble and elderly, which does not fit the description of Styles. But Harry says its a 50/50, and a wait and watch. Plus, taking precautions is best considering prevention is the only cure for Coronavirus, minus any vaccine.

For The Time Being, His World Tour Is On

Gettyimages | Gareth Cattermole

None of Harry's upcoming tour dates have been canceled yet, but his team is keeping an eye out for any outbreaks, or any public gathering restrictions in cities and countries that he is planning to perform at. While he has read the Dean Koontz book The Eyes of Darkness about an eerily similar virus that is called Wuhan-400, Styles is not giving in to panic just yet. He is traveling, for now, staying as safe as he can and is willing to cancel it all in case the Coronavirus turns into a pandemic.

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