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Twitter Shuts Down Seattle Office After An Employee Was Suspected of Coronavirus Infection

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By Alan Blake

Twitter announced it was closing its Seattle office for an alleged ‘deep clean’ after learning that one of their employees had possibly contracted coronavirus. The employee was reportedly advised of the possibility of carrying the Covid-19. The worker is yet to undertake final tests.

In a tweet dropped by Twitter on Friday, the company claimed the employee has not been in the office for weeks, and neither had the worker been interacting with colleagues. However, it is still not confirmed whether other employees have been infected.

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Coronavirus Death Toll Continues to Rise in the U.S.

Unsplash | Sara Kurfeß

The first coronavirus case was first reported in Washington State, and the death toll now seems to be on an upward trend, and this perhaps explains why everyone seems extra cautious about the situation.

According to a report released by Washington Post on March 7th, the death toll in the U.S. hit 17 on Friday, after two fatalities in Florida, which are allegedly the first in the state. Earlier that day, three more deaths had been reported from Seattle-area hospital, which had been caring for the majority of the coronavirus patients.

Tech Giants Take Caution Over Corona Virus

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Twitter is just among the tech giants that have recently exercised caution over the coronavirus concerns, and especially in Seattle. Facebook announced it was closing its Seattle office, although they gave a date for resuming operations.

The move came after a contractor in their office tested positive for the deadly virus, prompting the executives to shut the office until March 9th. Amazon also reported a positive coronavirus case in one of its Seattle stations, although they had opted to quarantine the worker who tested positive for the virus.

Twitter Is yet to Announce Its Seattle Office Re-Opening


Following the announcement of their Seattle office closing, The San Francisco based company is yet to announce their reopening date. They further are seeking to protect the identity and privacy of the affected employee, although they revealed their interactions with the local health professionals are positive.

Amazon has since their first case asked employees to work from home if possible, a move that has seen Google and Microsoft following the suit, while the officials find a way to keep things in control.

Entertainment Industry Suffers a Blow Over Coronavirus Outbreak

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As the leading tech industry players begin to feel the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, the entertainment industry has had a fair share already. Facebook has, however, been a victim of the event cancelations as they have been forced to call off the F8 and Mobile World Congress.

Celebrities in music and movie producers have come out to postpone concerts and cancel releases, citing travel restrictions and health concerns. The 2020 summer is probably going to be quite different from what people had envisioned some months ago.

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