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Meghan Markle walking with Prince Harry in the rain under an umbrella.

Piers Morgan Sarcastically Mocks Meghan Markle's 'Humility' over Instagram Snap

Gettyimages | Samir Hussein
By Edward Dodds

Outspoken British television presenter Piers Morgan took to Twitter on Sunday to savage former pal Meghan Markle over her International Women's Day Instagram snap. Blasting the Duchess over her lack of humility, Piers Morgan was venomously sarcastic as he mocked her, reposting Meghan's photo with the caption "Meghan just posted this photo of herself on her Instagram. Her humility is.... humbling." Piers capped the tweet with a sarcastic prayer emoji, as if mocking Meghan's social climbing for divinity.

The photo in question was part of a six-slide black-and-white series shared to the official Instagram account of the Sussexes, @sussexroyal, showing Meghan visiting schoolgirls from Robert Clack Upper School in Dagenham, east London on International Women's Day.

Giphy | BBC

The Sussex Royal Instagram account caption described the trip as "profound," captioning the slideshow: "The Duchess of Sussex visited Dagenham to meet with Geraldine Dear, one of the strikers, and spend time with students at the Robert Clack Upper School to meet the town's next generation of female role models, and talk to young women and men about the women who inspire them."

In her final speech before stepping away from royal life on April 1st, Meghan urged Robert Clack schoolchildren to "stand up for [their] rights" and "fight for what they believe in."

Piers Morgan in front of a photowall at a media event.
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The speech was viewed by some as a nod towards Meghan's own power tussles with the Royal Family as she seeks to disentangle her and Prince Harry's life from theirs, and her fight with an oft-vitriolic media that allegedly prompted Meghan and Harry's departure.

Royal expert Phil Dampier, who wrote a book about the Sussexes, told the Sun that Meghan's speech was a "clear signal she felt she was standing up for herself when she quit the Royal Family." Perhaps it was Meghan's implicit message, rather than the seemingly benign PR photo, that so inflamed Piers Morgan.

Piers Morgan in a suit and tophat, holding a flute of champagne, at a wedding reception.
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Piers Morgan, who has painted himself as a former friend to the Duchess, has been one of the noisiest and harshest critics of Meghan Markle, once tweeting: "Meghan is one of the most ruthless social climbers I have ever met in my entire life."

He added, "Anyone who thinks she wants to get out of the fame element is living in cloud cuckoo land. What she wants to do is be a global super star, riding off the fame she has acquired by marrying a member of the royal family."

Meghan Markle on the street, wearing a brown turtleneck sweater, hair down.
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After his Sunday tweet was posted, Twitter pounced on the divisive television star, slamming him for his hypocrisy. "We've seen you boast about Twitter follower count loads of times," one tweeter commented. "Whats [sic] the difference?"

Piers took the bait, responding: "Nothing... Meghan & I are equally humble." Piers Morgan is well-known in Britain for what detractors call pomposity and arrogance, and to his credit, it seems to be a criticism of his character that he has taken on the nose. Regardless, he clearly thinks Meghan needs taking down a peg or two.

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