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Aaron Carter looks amazing in this black&white check suit as he shows off his new face tattoo.

Aaron Carter Faces Backlash Over Touched-Up Face Tattoo!

Gettyimages | Presley Ann
By Favour

Aaron Carter recently shocked everyone when he revealed that he had his face tattoo touched-up recently. The rapper was obviously excited about his tattoo, but what he did not bank on, was his fans accepting the new look. The 32-year-old shared a photo on his Instagram story showing off his tattoo and fans immediately came for him.

Usually, when there is a controversy online, fans are often divided into three main categories. The first and second is the most important that celebrities ought to watch out for.

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A photo of Aaron Carter in all-white and he looks like an anger in bling.
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The first category of fans when a celebrity does something online, is those who are utterly okay and supportive with whatever is going on. These fans will always show their unending support for their favorite. However, the second category of fans are those who castigate their favorites when he or she does some thing wrong and rejoice when they do something right. Often times, these fans love their favorites, but they do not love what he or she has done. The third category is the observers in the situation.

A photo of Aaron Carter dressed in a brown long-sleeve sweatshirt with a ‘love’ silver necklace around his neck.
Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

Presently, Carter’s fan-base comprises of these three categories. Some fans are totally okay with that the rapper has done while others are showing disdain for it. In their defense, the believe that the touch-up has only made the rapper’s face worse than it initially looked, which is nowhere near beautiful.

Initially, Carter got a face tattoo after he announced that he was having some health issues and fans felt really and for him. However, the new touch-up came suddenly and fans believe that the singer went too far this time around.

Aaron Carter dressed in all-black as he sings his heart out at an event and he looks amazing.
Gettyimages | Gabe Ginsberg

Carter who got an ink of the statue of “Medusa” on the side of his face explained that there is a deep meaning attached to the tattoo. According to the singer, the tats is there to protect him from anyone who wants to harm him.

In the Greek myth, Medusa is known a woman whose hair is filled with snakes. The mythology also states that anyone who stares at Medusa in the eyes will be turned to stone forever.

We have no idea who Carter wants to turn into stone, but for him, that tattoo is a protection.

Aaron Carter is caught on camera dancing  to the beat of a song with a microphone in his hand.
Gettyimages | Gabe Ginsberg

Some fans insisted that the tattoo was not done by a professional because it was not beautiful on the singer’s face. Others also advised him that taking the face tattoo down was the best option because it could do more harm than good when he gets older.

Although fans have said what they can, Carter has not decided whether or not he will continue with his new tats or take them down like fans have requested. Till then, we have to keep our fingers crossed.

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