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Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Joined 'SNL' Doppelgänger Kate McKinnon After Dropping Out of Primary

Gettyimages | Chip Somodevilla
By Edward Dodds

Kate McKinnon, who's parodied 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the past, has been impersonating Senator Elizabeth Warren on Saturday Night Live in recent months, and on Saturday, the real-life Elizabeth Warren joined her on the comedy show, after dropping out earlier on the week on Thursday following a poor showing on Super Tuesday.

Kate McKinnon, impersonating Fox News' Laura Ingraham, interviewed the real Elizabeth Warren in a cold open to SNL. "I’m doing just fine," Warren said. "My friends and family have been so supportive. They’ve been calling nonstop, asking, 'Are you okay? What do you need? Were you electable?' " Warren showed good humor as she poked fun at the electability criticisms that dogged her campaign.

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Warren was sure to skewer Mike Bloomberg one last time, building on her viral attacks in the Nevada Democratic debates that many credit with arresting Bloomberg's rise in the polls and ensuring a poor performance on Super Tuesday that saw the billionaire and former New York Mayor also drop out of the race.

"Not only did I not accept money from billionaires," Warren said, referring to a controversial decision to not attend large-donor events that saw her finance manager resign from the campaign, "I got to give one a swirly on live TV!"

Kate McKinnon impersonating Elizabeth Warren on SNL.
Gettyimages | NBC

On social media site Reddit, subscribers to the Elizabeth Warren subreddit, or fan forum, laughed and hooted along with her SNL performance.

"Jeez, is she talking to us?" one fan commented in response to Warren's joke, "I'm not dead, I'm just in the Senate," a tongue-in-cheek observation that had earlier gained traction on Reddit and other social media sites among her supporters. "She knows how to deliver a punchline," another added, "and stuck another knife or two in Bloomberg - gotta love this lady!"

Kate McKinnon impersonating Elizabeth Warren while sitting behind a table on SNL.
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Warren touched on her controversial refusal—so far—to endorse either of the two major candidates left in the Democratic race, a move that has drawn flak from supporters of Bernie Sanders on social media, who believe Warren remaining in the race during Super Tuesday, while other moderates dropped out to clear the moderate lane for Joe Biden, divided the progressive wing of the party and exacerbated former front-runner Sanders' underwhelming showing.

"Maybe I'll pull a New York Times and just endorse [Biden and Sanders] both," Elizabeth Warren joked, as raptly-watching Twitter tittered in response.

Elizabeth Warren speaking at a political event, microphone in hand.
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"This was so cute!" one fan responded to the joke on Reddit. "I'm dying."

"That was darling," another added. "I'm glad she's in good spirits enough to do that. She's pretty terrific." Warren indeed displayed self-effacing humor on the show, saying dropping out meant she now had more time to dedicate to fun hobbies like "prank calling big banks, drag racing Subarus, and avoiding Twitter." Warren and her impersonator then made a TikTok together, taking turns dancing in the mirror while the other recorded on a smartphone, with Kate McKinnon changing out of her Laura Ingraham outfit into Warren's signature campaign-trail costume of blue blazer and black pants.

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