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Dwyane Wade's Daughter Zaya Wade Embraces Her Role as a Young Voice

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By Caleb Pugh

Dwayne Wade and his family have been the beacon of hope for not only the [LGTBQ community but for America]. Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union's public support of their trans-Daughter Zaya Wade has been nothing less than special and tear-jerking. The Wades have been showing America how to properly support your child even if you don't agree with their choice, how to properly educate yourself on topics you are not familiar with. While also showing support for a community you are also not familiar with either.

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Her Truth

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Its been a month since Zaya Wade made her announcement that she is a transgender. For the people that don't know Zaya Wade was original Zion Wade, Dwayne Wade 12-year-old son. Since then the entire family has not only rallied around Zaya, but also took the time to understand her and her new journey. Dwayne Wade's decision to allow Zaya to live her truth has been met with opposition not only from people on social media but other parents in the entertainment industry.

The moment

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But that hasn't stopped either one of them from spreading their message and truth across the world. Last night was not only Dwayne Wade and [Gabrielle Union's moment] to show the utmost love and support of Zaya, but it was also a moment for Zaya to step into her role as a young voice for the LGBTQ community. As the trio attended the Better Brothers Los Angeles 2020 Truth Awards together on Saturday, they not only coordinated there look but also their message.

Always US

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As they walked through the red carpet and event together, the family stunted people with their outfits and message. Dywane Wade talked to the crowd about his daughter and had this to say, "When our 8-year-old daughter, Zaya Wade, came home and said she had something to tell us, when she came out to us, as a family, we admitted that weren't as educated about the LGBTQ+ plus community as we should have been." Dwyane told everybody.

Love and Support

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Wade also made mention of how he had to reach out to people for education, "They also reminded us to make sure Zaya knew her community and felt the love and support inside and outside from home," he said. "From working closely with Zaya to design her room in our homes to make sure that her most authentic self was represented and that her bedroom felt like her sanctuary. Now, that may seem small, but taking the time to make sure Zaya felt seen and heard as she created her own space for us was key. It was key to Zaya's comfort and her confidence." Dwyane and Gabrielle Union also made 3 stunning Instagram, post supporting their daughter.

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