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Scott Disick seated

Scott Disick Is Selling Coronavirus Merch For $129 & People Have Thoughts

Gettyimages | Scott Barbour
By Rebecca Cukier

Scott Disick isn't one to miss a business opportunity. The 36-year-old reality star and Talentless founder wasted no time in designing merch centering around the Coronovarius currently sweeping the globe – the ex to Kourtney Kardashian was dubbed as "capitalizing" on the COVID-19 panic by Page Six this weekend.

Scott has also been relying on the famous faces forming the Kardashian-Jenner family to help promote the clothing items that retail for between $38 and $129. Feedback has been mixed as fans react.

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Hoodie Costs $129

Scott Disick in a 'wash your hands' hoodie
Scott Disick/Instagram

Scott is founder and CEO of his Talentless clothing range. The athleisurewear brand now has a new line of clothing centering around telling people to wash their hands – of course, this is the top piece of advice being handed out by experts to help the public stay safe from catching the virus.

COVID-19 has now claimed 19 lives in the U.S. Over 400 cases have been confirmed Stateside, with the global death toll now sitting at over 3,500.

Scott appeared in an Instagram post this weekend showing off the merch. The Men's " PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS" hoodie sells for $129.

Kendall Jenner & Mom Kris Help The Promo

Kris and Kendall Jenner in 'please wash your hands' merch

The KarJenners work as a pack. Scott enlisted the help of 24-year-old supermodel Kendall Jenner and her "momager" Kris Jenner to help circulate the newly-dropped merch – a photo posted to the Talentless Instagram account showed the brunette beauty and her mother photographed from the back and wearing the apparel.

Fan reactions have proven mixed. Over on Scott's Instagram, feedback was mostly positive. His snap racked up over 244,000 likes overnight, with responses including one fan saying:

"Lord x Corona collaboration." Scott goes by his alter-ego moniker of "Lord Disick."

"Where can I cop the hoodie?!" another fan wrote.

Scott Called A 'Slime Ball', Not Everyone Is A Fan

Scott Disick in a store
Gettyimages | Scott Barbour

The story didn't take long to make a headline over on The Daily Mail, where viewers to the newspaper's reports have been leaving thoughts.

"so this slime ball - tries to MAKE MONEY out of potentially other people suffering," a user wrote, with over 150 others agreeing.

"Designs? Trying to profit off an International health crisis is disgusting. Would be quite another matter if it were for charity and intended to help those who become sick with it. But that isn't how this family operates," another wrote.

The Money-Making Slamming Continues

Scott Disick with Sofia Richie
Gettyimages | Scott Barbour

For many, it did seem that this was one step too far.

"That's the true meaning of shameless.Take a cheap generic hoodie, slap a logo on it that would normally be seen on a sign in a public restroom. Then attempt to sell it for $129.00, in the midst of an international health crisis, and make sure not a dime of profits goes to help victims of disease, or their families," one user stated.

Cheaper items are available. Tees cost $38 or $49.

Meanwhile, Kelly Ripa has been delivering the same message (but for free).

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