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Kaley Cuoco poses in a jacket

Kaley Cuoco Stuns In Floral Nightgown At 3.08 A.M – Daylight Savings Time 'A B*tch'

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco didn't appear to appreciate that daylight savings time has kicked in this weekend. The "Big Bang Theory" actress took to her Instagram stories in a decidedly bugged-out mood on Saturday night, although with the 3.08 a.m. timestamp, it was technically Sunday morning.

Kaley has made major headlines this week on account of #MushroomGate2020 – for details on how half the internet dragged the 34-year-old out over "outing" her assistant in a mushroom and salmon lunch drama, keep reading.

Kaley's latest video had nothing to do with vegetables. It was all about time.

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'Daylight Savings Time, You're A Bitch'

Kaley Cuoco speaks into the camera in a nightgown
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley's video showed her in selfie mode and appearing to lie back in bed. The sitcom star was in a look that's been seen before – Kaley wore the same white, green, and rose-print nightgown one week ago for her joint "A Cup of Cuoco" Instagram episode with sister Briana.

Kaley wasn't glammed up, but she was looking beautiful nonetheless. The star explained that she'd gotten home "maybe an hour ago." Her plan was to catch up on work and read some scripts before going to sleep – but there was an unexpected stress factor.

'It Was 2 A.M. A Minute Ago'

Kaley Cuoco speaks into the camera in a nightgown
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley continued to explain that she'd looked at her phone "a minute ago" and it was 2. a.m.

"It was 2 a.m. and now it's 3 a.m. Daylight savings has begun. NOPE" appeared in text beneath one story.

Kaley then voiced her thoughts with a little attitude, saying: "Daylight savings time, you're a b*tch."

Further text appeared: "Why does this happen to us......." was accompanied by "WHY?" and "NOOOO."

The "why? why? why?" from the blonde then came as a bit of a whimper – someone wasn't digging the way the world works.

The Mushroom/Salmon Assistant Drama Made Global Headlines

Kaley Cuoco speaks into the camera showing her lunch
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley wound up front-page news last week following a mild freakout over her daily lunch – she eats salmon and vegetables every day. The Blast caught the first wave of the story as Kaley told her assistant Emma to take the day off.

“Because I am extremely nice to the people that I work with, I told Emma, my trust assistant, ‘Take the day off. You work from the hotel or get what you need done... Just order me my normal lunch.”

The actress found herself with a plateful of her least-favorite vegetable – the mushroom was "touching my salmon," prompting Kaley to throw the mushroom into an outdoor trash can. She shared the footage of her reactions.

Twitter Explodes That She 'Outed' Her Assistant

Kaley Cuoco speaks into the camera
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Having disposed of the mushroom, Kaley said: “Crisis averted. Emma, I hope you’re enjoying your day off.”

Twitter wasn't happy.

“I’m not normally one to kick up a fuss about stuff, but as a Post PA, not even a normal personal assistant, I think this is kinda mean," one user wrote.

Mountains of comments had The Sun dubbing the actress a "diva," with Kaley herself returning to Instagram to defend herself and also apologize to Emma.

“I was very disappointed in the mushroom arrival, but that does not show my feelings on my wonderful assistant," she said.

Emma also appeared on camera. It didn't seem to help that the actress' assistant suggested she's forced to eat salmon every day – Kaley once again had to explain that she doesn't "force" Emma to consume the fish dish.

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