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How Did Amy Schumer Meet Her Husband?

Gettyimages | Bryan Bedder
By Rima Pundir

Most people in the world, and we mean the average Joe and Mary, would do just about anything to meet up with their favorite celebrity, let alone date them or gasp, marry them. Most of us also harbor secret fantasies about the celebs we love, that may fall into the wining and dining category, or go far naughtier as well. But not all celebs have a dreamy first-meet story, sometimes love, even for famous Hollywood celebrities, happens in a very normal way.

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Amy Schumer Was On Raya

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Schumer was on Raya, but it wasn't her current husband who she met on Raya. Before marrying the love of her life and having a baby, Schumer dated someone she met on Raya, a non-celebrity, Ben Hanisch. They met on the app in 2015, and hit it off for a while, before amicably ending things in 2017. When they announced their split, Amy and Ben had said they remain friends, and unlike many other couples before them, there really seems to be no animosity between them at all.

Many Other Celebs Often Hit It Off At Work

Gettyimages | Anthony Harvey

Amy Schumer somehow never met the man of her dreams at work. An accomplished actress and comedian, romance never happened for Schumer on set. Other celebrities have gone down that path very often, with varied results. There is, of course, the once-hyped marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie that went down the drain in a series of ugly accusations, though their romance had blossomed on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Other celebs have been luckier though, considering their marriages lasted.

Her Current Husband Was Not A Longtime Friend

Gettyimages | NBC

Unlike JLo and Alex Rodriguez, who were friends for a long time, before they started dating; Schumer and her husband weren't age-old friends. But he is the brother of Schumer's personal assistant who she met when she and her assistant were on a trip to Martha's Vineyard. There, her current husband, who is a chef, whipped them a meal in no time. And apparently, the way to Schumer's heart is through her stomach! They met a couple of times more and then just hit it off.

Chris Is The Perfect Man For Amy

Gettyimages | Gotham

By November 2017, Schumer and her current husband, Chris Fischer, started dating. By February 2018, they had secretly tied the knot, in the presence of plenty of celebrities, comic timing or not. Today, Schumer is also a mother, having been blessed with a baby boy in May 2019, who they named Gene Attell Fischer. Clearly, all's well that ends well for Schumer and her perfectly normal, everyday love story. That's the thing isn't it, celebrities, at heart, are basically normal people, just like us.

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