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TikTok Responds to Lizzo's Claims That They're Taking Down Her Videos, Discriminating

Gettyimages | Dave Simpson
By Zachary Holt

Many celebrities and high-profile people use the TikTok app to connect with their fans around the world, and Lizzo is certainly no different. The singer and flutist has been uploading videos to the platform for some time; however, when she noticed that some of her posts were being taken down by TikTok, she sensed that there was something nefarious going on, mainly that the platform was discriminating against her because of her body size. Since those 'claims' were made by the artist, representatives from TikTok have responded.

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TikTok Claims That They're 'Obsessed' with Lizzo and Her 'Body Positivity'

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

A spokesperson for TikTok recently responded to the claims by Lizzo that they were 'censoring' her content because of her 'body size'. According to the representative, that notion couldn't be further from the truth. "We’re obsessed with Lizzo and the idea of body positivity and living your best life," they explained to the outlet. "We really love how much she interacts with the platform"

While the platform did not deny taking the videos down, they did offer an explanation for doing so, citing that initially, they believed the content violated their terms and conditions.

Spokespersons Says They Initially Believed She Was Showing Undergarments in Video

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"There was a video in question … it was removed because it was thought to be in violation of our community guidelines," the source continued, referring to their rules on showing undergarments within posted content.

"After it appeared she flashed the camera when she lifted up her dress. TikTok later determined that Lizzo was wearing a bathing suit and as of Wednesday the video was back up." Additionally, the spokesperson explained that it wouldn't make sense to take down her videos with similar content still present within her profile.

'The Idea That Lizzo's Content Was Taken Down Doesn't Really Make Sense...'

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"The idea that Lizzo’s content was taken down doesn’t really make sense as she has a lot of other similar content that is still up on her profile," they concluded in their statement.

On Tuesday, Lizzo posted a video, incidentally to TikTok, of the artist lipsyncing to the song 'I know' while she shared her frustration with her videos being taken down. "Tiktok keeps taking down my videos with me in my bathing suit. But allows other videos with girls in bathing suits. I wonder why? Tiktok… we need to talk," she said.

Lizzo Is No Stranger to Dealing with Controversy Surrounding Body Type

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The 31-year-old is no stranger to controversy when it comes to her size and body type. Since she's burst on the scene as a successful artist, she's had to deal with a number of issues.

Not long ago, professional trainer and weight loss expert, Jillian Michaels, came after Lizzo while on a program sharing that people shouldn't be celebrating her weight and body type through 'positivity' due to the potential for her to develop 'diabetes' and other health complications.

Of course, Lizzo responded and defended herself in the matter. And for some reason, we don't believe it will be the last time that he has to do so.

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