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Sophie dazzles in a dress

Sophie's Wedding Woes

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By C.M. Steven

Sophie Turner is a really fun celebrity to follow, especially when she is critiquing her own fashion choices. While we've become accustomed to hearing Sophie's thoughts over a glass of wine, we recently heard her thoughts on an outfit she wore to the wedding of Kit Harington, her co-star on the mega smash hit Game of Thrones. We all have moments we look back on in our life and smack our head a little bit, and it seems Harington's wedding is one of those for Ms. Turner.

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Turner's Thoughts

Turner at Comic Con
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Depending on your perspective, the look really wasn't that bad. You definitely wouldn't guess that she was going to a wedding just by the outfit alone. You might think that she was in a DEVO cover band. Who knows, maybe Harington had hired a DEVO cover band for his wedding and Turner wanted to fit in? We know that not to be the case, but either way, we find the look to be fun, while Turner calls it a "disaster" and her "worst, worst fashion choice."

The Look

Turner and Jonas
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So, what was the look? Turner sported a thigh length red sport jacket, black thigh high boots and a pair of some pretty angular sunglasses. If she wore them on a breezy day out in LA, no one would bat an eye, including herself, but since it was for a wedding, a famous wedding, for a close friend at that, it does seem a little dressed down. Maybe she would have hated it no matter the circumstance, but we think it's a pretty darn cool look.

Why Did it Happen?

Turner in white at the Emmys
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According to Turner, she had ordered two different dresses for the wedding, but they didn't show up until the day of. Because they showed up last minute, she didn't have a chance to try either one of them on, and sure enough, neither fit properly. She decided to get creative and went with the red jacket, but feeling like she might be dressed a little too risque, decided on the thigh high boots as opposed to a pair of heels to cover up a bit, a decision she now regrets.

Your Worst Wedding Moment

Wife and husband in limo
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Turner might be embarrassed by what she wound up wearing to Kit's wedding, but it really could have been way worse. We've all been to weddings where someone is over served, or there's some serious drama in the wedding party. If the most drama you have at your wedding is that Sansa Stark showed questionable decision making in regards to fashion, then you're doing okay. The only question now is that when Turner thinks about Harington's wedding, does she refer to it as the "Red Wedding?"

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