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Fans of 'The Masked Singer' are Anything but Thrilled About the Elimination of a Few 'Legends'

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By Kevin JP

The Masked Singer has consistently dazzled and shocked audiences, for the third season in a row now, with its elaborate disguises and full blown musical performance stage shows. It's also had more than it's fair share of world renown celebrity contestants. The last few eliminations, however, have viewers upset as a noticeable pattern is beginning to develop. Week after week, the show has cast away one musical legend after the other, much earlier than expected and fans are asking, 'Why'?

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After legends like Gladys Knight and Chaka Khan have seen their fate sealed quite early on on the competition 'The Masked Singer, many fans are feeling as though it's a pattern that's indicative of a major flaw in the voting process. Viewers have made comments that they believe the show is possibly rigged or that maybe the studio audience is watching a completely different show than everyone else. Major music icons have apparently gone unrecognized by the judges and audience and subsequently 'cast away'.

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After a surprising Gladys Knight loss in Season 2, it was still wild to see this icon also get ousted. Fans and the audience seemed to know the true identity of Flower before she was forced to 'take it off', but barely getting halfway through the season before being exposed will a hard pill to swallow for fans. The evening ended in a Flower-Leopard showdown and Flower was eliminated and revealed to be superstar Patti LaBelle! We found out later Leopard was non other than Seal - what a face off!

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Mouse shared a handful of telling clues. She said, 'The stage is like my second home, and I'm having a ball up there'. She also referred to Natalie Cole as 'a good friend' after performing her own rendition of Cole's 'This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)'. The panelists had their guesses; Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg was getting Tracee Ellis Ross' vibe while Ken Jeong was certain it was Tina Turner. Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke, thought of Grammy Award winning Dionne Warwick - and they proved were correct as she was eliminated, much to everyone's shock and anger!

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One theory circulating has to do with the criteria the studio audience has in mind when voting. The Masked Singer, unlike other singing competitions that use votes of at home viewers, relies on the input of the studio audience. This, and the fact that a big part of the show is finding out the true identities of these 'masked' singers, suggests that votes may be focused on who the audience wants 'unmasked' (and if their guess was correct) rather than who's the best singer. Whichever, viewers continue to tune in to see who'll be the next to 'Take it Off'!

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