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Hillary Clinton speaking at an event

Hillary Clinton Shades The Life Out Of Melania Trump

Gettyimages | Erik Voake
By Ona L

It looks like President Trump isn’t the only one who knows how to shade someone within an inch of their life. The President’s former competition Hillary Clinton appeared on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” where she was promoting her new Hulu documentary, “Hilary”. Before the conversation got to deep, Host of the show Andy Cohen asked Hillary if she wanted to “plead the fifth” on any of the questions and she quickly, and respectfully declined. Hilary did not come to play today.

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The politician was never one to backdown and she thrives on speaking her mind. So, obviously, Andy was going to talk to her about politics. Never one to hold her tongue Clinton got straight down to the point when Andy asked her opinion on FLOTUS’s “Be Best” initiative. “If she’s that worried about online incivility, I think she should look closer to home.” Yikes, the shade of it all. Hillary’s messy comment was certainly pointed towards Melania’s husband, our President, Donald Trump.


President Trump has a habit of lashing out at people online. He has been called a bully for calling out anyone who dares go against him including political opponents and no, Hilary is not excluded from that. Hillary is not alone in her shade of Melania’s political initiative. She has been highly criticized as being confusing. It was announced in 2018 that her campaign would focus on the wellness of children. More specifically tackling cyberbullying and the opioid crisis. So, do you see the conundrum here?

Hillary Clinton at an event
Gettyimages | Andreas Rentz

Hillary is no stranger to shading Melania or her husband the presidential hopeful has had to clap back at Donnie a few times. Not as many times as Donald has attacked Hillary unprovoked but she gets her digs in here and there. Hilary will forever be bombarded with questions about Donald Trump and that campaign race that shocked the world. In actuality, she is only interested in talking about what she has going on. Can you blame her? She is so over 2016.

Hillary Clinton speaking at an event
Gettyimages | Suzi Pratt

In addition to the Hulu documentary that she has out now, Hillary is also promoting her upcoming podcast. The show is not titled yet, but we do know it will be apart of iHeartMedia’s network of podcasts. She will join other original content like Will Ferrell’s “The Ron Burgundy Podcast.” Hillary is hoping this podcast will allow her to have deeper, longer conversations and in turn it will help people understand her a bit more. We are just hoping we get more gems like what we got on “Watch What Happens Live”.

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