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Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson Were Friends Before They Starred on 'Pretty Little Liars' Together

Gettyimages | Frederick M. Brown
By Megan Prevost

We can't believe that it's already been ten years since the premiere of Pretty Little Liars. Pretty Little Liars was a teen show that aired on Freeform. It was based on a book by the same name, and starred Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, and Shay Mitchell.

Even though the show is long over, the cast has kept in contact. However, Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale were friends before they were even cast in the show together. Find out all the details below.

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Benson and Hale's 'PLL' Characters


On Pretty Little Liars, Ashley Benson played Hanna Marin, while Lucy Hale played Aria Montgomery. Hanna and Aria were half of the four character main cast who were looking for answers as to why their 5th best friend (Allison) had disappeared.

After the four girls spend a year apart, Allison's body is found, bringing them all back together. However, this introduces a new problem, when they find out that someone is trying to frame them for Allison's murder.

Throughout the series, they find out that Allison is actually alive, and have to deal with their deadly cyberstalker, A, over and over again.

The Bongo Campaign

Gettyimages | Larry Marano

Both Hale and Benson modeled for a company called Bongo during its 2012 back-to-school campaign. Because PLL was in its prime during 2012, this was a great opportunity to use their online presences to promote the company.

Hale and Benson were also both on the sitcom How I Met Your Mother, although they appeared at different times. Hale played Robin's younger sister who was in the city for a few days, and Benson played Barney's half sister that Ted was trying to date.

How Did They Meet?


In a Wired Autocomplete Interview, Lucy Hale told everyone how the two of them met.

"We actually met on MySpace. I was 15. Kendall Schmidt, who was on Big Time Rush, this Nickelodeon show, he was the linking factor. I saw that he was friends with her and we became friends through him. He thought we would get along, and he was right," Hale said.

She continued on to say, "But we became MySpace friends, and then our first hang out was at Disneyland. We were like super, super tight when we were teenagers and then kind of lost touch. And then Pretty Little Liars brought us back together."

Are Benson and Hale Still Friends?


While the four PLL girls don't hang out as much as they used to, they're often spotted together. Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell were spotted grabbing dinner in February.

While the girls may not hang out as much as they used to, they all have a tattoo to remember the show, and each other. Each of the girls got their character's initials on their "shush" finger, because of the show's theme song. Maybe they don't see each other much anymore, but they're likely still in touch.

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