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Michelle Obama Embraces Sexuality With Positivity!

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By Maria Raczka

How would the mainstream react to a public figure, or perhaps even a role model was the recipient of a lap dance at a public party? Putting aside party lines (every politician trying to use any behavior to push his/her own agenda), we might judge the former first lady for partying so publicly in such a manner. But is this approach justified? Instead, shouldn't we embrace sexual expression as part of feminine and human reality? Is there a double standard in what we expect from men versus women?

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During Christina Aguilara's Vegas showient of a festive, albeit sexy, lap dance. The first lady participated with unabashed glee as the topless dancer showed off his moves. While many might smirk at this display of fun, others might welcome it as a true expression of feminine sexuality. After all, the former first lady is not harming anyone by her behavior unlike many politicians whose careers were marred by allegations of sexual assault. What are he positive takeaways from this display of feminie sexuality?

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Many might scoff at sexual displays in public but why should we be hypocrites? Sexuality is a part of everyone's daily routine whether we realize it of not. Many people allow their guilt and shame to dictate their diet, fashion choices and actions. This is how we first repress our sexuality and then attempt to control others by judging their choices. However, isn't sexual expression a crucial part of our identity and personal expression? Are we all free to express ourselves equally?

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Throughout history it has been more acceptable for men to express their sexuality. In most cultures women are encouraged to downplay their appeal and allow themselves to be pursued rather than pursue. Women are the prey and men are the predators, according to the age-old cliches. However, many role models and women in positions of power are attempting to change this status quo and encourage everyone to embrace their sexuality. After all, if we are all to be courageous and love ourselves as we are, we need to face all aspects of our identity.

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Michelle Obama fully embraced her sexuality and femininity by taking part in a fun, public event. At the same time, she demonstrated with grace that women can have fun with their sexual expression. As women, we think back to all the fun times with our girlfriends and if we are lucky, we all have friends that supported us in finding ways to express our femininity. It's my hope that every woman and girl out there can find a non-judgmental and inspiring friend, such as Michelle Obama.

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