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Will 'The Bachelor: Summer Games' Be Cancelled Because of the Coronavirus?

Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth
By Megan Prevost

The Bachelor is straight up taking over reality television with its inclusion of the Winter and Summer Games. We've seen Bachelor in Paradise, and now we're getting Listen to Your Heart. How many Bachelor options could there possibly be?

Winter Games aired at the same time as the Winter Olympics and was an olympics of its own style. There were games, eliminations, and of course, love.

Summer Games plans to do the same thing, except during the summer. However, the spread of the coronavirus may postpone the show.

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Rob Mills' Thoughts on 'Summer Games'

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"[Summer Games] will be its own thing and it'll run — it'll be Bachelorette Summer Games. What's nice about Summer Games, is when we did Winter Games, Bachelor was still airing, so it was a lot... This is Summer Games, and then Paradise will start," said Rob Mills, ABC's senior vice president of alternative programming.

Nothing is more exciting than more Bachelor content, and Mills is definitely excited about the opportunity to do another 'games' version of the show. Hopefully, it brings in more of an audience to Bachelor nation.

A Real Olympics

Unsplash | Kyle Dias

Mills went on to say, "I think it's going to be really fun. We found a really great place to hold it. I mean, it's going to be so fun seeing these people in these great, you know, track and field and swimming. This is a real olympics."

He also stated that, "I still think we need to look at the creative, and it's like, do you — if somebody is with somebody or not, can they be in it? Cause there's certain people you'd love to see — I mean, I'd love to see Jordan or Colton."

What About the Coronavirus?


When asked about whether or not Summer Games would be interrupted by the coronavirus, he stated that,

"Well, it is an issue, certainly, because this is a show that has an international cast, too. So it's definitely — these are things that are being talked about, I will say. So let's hope Bachelor Summer Games happens."

Summer Games is unlike the regular Bachelor shows because it invites contestants from the international versions of The Bachelor to compete as well. This could introduce a problem, as the coronavirus has been spreading all over the world.

What's the Cast for 'Summer Games'?

Giphy | The Bachelor

The number of options there are are completely endless. Because the show is international, they could bring in contestants that we've never heard of in the US. There are many different versions of The Bachelor across the world, and many people we haven't seen here in the US.

However, it could also bring back some fan favorites, even the ones that are currently in relationships. Hannah B even stated that she was interested in the games, especially because she "likes to win." Honestly, anyone could show up on Summer Games, even Victoria F.

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