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'Survivor': Rob Mariano is Proud of Amber for 'Crushing' it on The Edge of Extinction

Gettyimages | Scott Gries
By Megan Prevost

Boston Rob and Amber Mariano are one of the best things to come out of Survivor history. They met during Survivor: All Stars, where they used flirting as a tactic and then actually fell in love.

Amber went on to win the million dollars, and the two went on to get married a year later. They now have four children, and are both back to compete for the two million dollar prize at the end of this season, Winners at War.

Amber: Voted Out on Night One

Gettyimages | David Livingston

Boston Rob returned after Survivor: All Stars multiple times to compete, and eventually won Redemption Island. However, this is the first time his wife, Amber Mariano has returned since All Stars.

Her game plan didn't work out too well, as she was voted off on the very first episode. The first episode featured an elimination from both teams, and Amber was the second to go home. Somehow, Boston Rob skirted past an elimination and made it through to the next episode.

Somehow Boston Rob Has Survived Another Day

Giphy | CBS

Boston Rob was a threat since the very beginning, and it seems as if everyone has recognized that. This cunning player has spent too much time on too many Survivor islands to have lasted this long already.

His social game is too good, as he already roped in Parvati to be on his team, as well as Ethan (who was already taken out). He's also pretty good at challenges, though less so now. Either way, he's a threat, and we're pretty surprised that he's still around.

The Log Challenge

Gettyimages | Djamilla Rosa Cochran

Amber has had three chances so far to win fire tokens (to then send to Rob, who's still in the game). The first two opportunities she lost, but she was determined to win the third.

Amber, Danni, and Ethan were all given the opportunity to win a fire token. The only thing they had to do was carry 20 fire logs down from the top of the mountain one at a time.

It was a grueling challenge, but the three completed it and won their fire tokens.

Boston Rob's Sweet Message

Gettyimages | Scott Gries

During the airing of the episode, Rob tweeted, "So proud of my wife #Amber tonight! She crushed it on #TheEdge #SurvivorCBS."

Clearly the two are supporting each other through the entire process of being on the show together again. Because Amber was voted off first, she can now give her fire tokens to Rob while he still plays the game.

It's a sweet tactic that may result in a higher chance of winning for Boston Rob. However, how realistic is it really that one of these two take home the two million dollars?

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