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Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes holding hands outisde

The Secrecy Behind Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling's Children

Gettyimages | Robert Kamau
By Angelic Conoscere

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have been in a relationship for several years and have been known to keep their relationship extremely private. The actress has an Instagram account but she does not post any images of her partner nor the children they share together. Although Mendes keeps her family to herself, fans are pleased that she actually takes her time to responding to them on her posts. It is clear that the actress has set healthy boundaries when it comes what she shares with the public and the media.

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A Fan Comments on Her Instagram Post

Eva Mendes alongside her partner Ryan Gosling
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In the beginning on March following an post from the actress a fan had commented on how amazing the actress looked and showed her appreciation towards Mendes for replying to other fans something most other celebrities do not doe. The user had also mentioned that she would be delighted to see a feature of Gosling on her page as well. Although Mendes did not respond by posting a photo with her longtime partner she did offer an explanation of his absence from her page.

Eva's Response

Eva Mendes looking at her clothes with clothing company NY&C
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The mother and actress had responded with a rather long statement to her fan. She had thanked the user for their comment while also stating that she enjoys being able to engage with other women even if it is for a brief moment. Mendes further states that she does struggle with using social media and is very conscious of what she posts. The actress states that she does not want to post anything that would make another woman feel displeased about herself. Talk about being a positive role model in a world that is overly consumed in social media.

The Way She is Perceived on Social Media

Eva Mendes blowing a kiss
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Eva Mendes wants to make sure that what she posts on her social media does not misrepresent how she is actually living. The actress had mentioned the photo was exchanging a conversation on was a photo from a campaign shoot and that it was edited something she feels that it is important for other woman to know. She also made note that it takes a lot of effort for her to look the way she does and the food that she eats is also a problem she has to deal with. Another key detail she wants her fans to know.

Her Immediate Family

Eva Mendes speaking on stage
Gettyimages | Phillip Faraone

Towards the end of her response the film star and businesswoman said that if her fans see something "feel free to call her out" and she will address the concern. Now as for her children and their father Mendes did not hesitate to draw the line and say that that portion of her life is excluded from social media. The star firmly states "My man and kids are private" how can you blame her, those are more than likely the most treasured portion of her life. It is not surprising that she wants to keep her family to herself. She does thank her fans for understanding her stance on this subject. It looks like the family will continue to live their life intimately away from the public eye.

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