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Kate McKinnon and Hillary Clinton

Who is Hillary Clinton's Favorite Hillary Clinton Parody on 'SNL'?

Gettyimages | NBC
By Nicholas Vrchoticky

The former First Lady and Secretary of State has been in the spotlight pretty much since she spent her time in the White House. This means Saturday Night Live has done an impersonation or two of Hillary Clinton throughout the years, as they often do with political celebrities.

The impressions actually began before Bill Clinton even took the White House, but picked up amidst the former president's scandal. There's a pretty long list of comedians who've impersonated Hillary on SNL, but who was her favorite?

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Who played the best Hillary?

SNL - Bill and Hillary Clinton sketch
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Hillary Clinton recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live After Show where a caller posed a question wondering just who Clinton thought did the best impression of her. Clinton was visibly excited by the question and responded:

"Obviously I thought they all did a really good job, but probably Kate McKinnon. And Amy … Amy Poehler were the ones who I thought really captured it."

She goes on to say:

"And when I went on SNL, I was so surprised that they could literally take an outfit you were wearing 24 hours before and make it!"

Did Hillary watch the show in the White House?


Andy Cohen decided to follow up the SNL question with another, asking Clinton if she watched the show while she lived in the White House, saying:

"Did you watch? I mean on a Saturday night, and you’re at Camp David with Bill would you turn on SNL?"

Clinton responded:

"Not every time because there was lots of other stuff going on. But yeah! From time to time absolutely."

When asked if she took the parodies personally, Clinton said:

"I think it’s funny. And again, it goes back to when somebody is making fun of you, what can you learn from that? So I like watching it."

Hillary discusses McKinnon

Kate McKinnon
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Shortly after the election in 2016, Hillary went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, during which Fallon asks her if she'd seen Kate McKinnon's "Hallelujah" in an SNL cold open. To which Clinton responded:

"That was a tear-jerker."

She went on to discuss McKinnon in her book, saying:

"I didn’t have any idea what to expect and when Kate McKinnon, who is actually a better me than I am, I wish I had her talent. She sat there playing ‘Hallelujah.’ That was hard. That was really hard. And then, the other skit that she did, showing some of my warnings, like ‘ be careful what he will do’ [and] ‘he will kill us all.’ That was not as funny but it was also very touching.

Who else has played Hillary?

SNL Palin Clinton scketch
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Amy Poehler and Kate McKinnon are probably the two of the best known of Clinton's SNL impersonators. Since Clinton has been a popular target for comedians and satirists, the list is actually pretty long.

Back in the early days of Clinton's fame, she was first portrayed on SNL by Jan Hooks. In 1994, Janeane Garofalo took on the mantel of "SNL Hillary," with Ana Gaster playing the former First Lady during the Lewinsky scandal.

Once Amy Poehler got ahold of the character, Hillary became hers to portray until McKinnon proved herself worthy. Giving us the most recent, popular versions of Clinton and, apparently, Hillary's favorites.

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