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Eva Mendes looks gorgeous as always in this close-up photo.

Eva Mendes Says Pictures Of Ryan Gosling & Kids Will Always Be Missing From Her Instagram Account

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Many celebrities are fond of sharing their lives with their fans. This not only helps fans feel like they are part of their lives, it also helps to give them a sense of importance. However, some situations may force these famous people to keep their family’s life out of social media. One of the main reasons why this kind of decision can be taken, is to protect the interest of their loved ones. However, as a celebrity it is almost impossible to keep your family life out of the media.

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Eva Mendes looks amazing in this black and white puffy dress as she holds on to a microphone with both hands.
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Recently, Eva Mendes revealed that she can only her professional and work life on social media. This means that pictures of her partner and kids will always be missing from her Instagram account permanently.

The reason why Mendes took this decision, is to protect her family, especially the kids. Speaking in an interview recently, Mendes mentioned that her kids do not know her to be a famous person and she intends to keep it that way because she likes being seen as mom only.

Eva Mendes shares a lovely pose in a flowered long-sleeve dress next to the words “Creater & Cultivator”
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She also went on to say that her kids have never seen her dressing up for an event, neither have they ever seen her at work. She said that she likes it this way because she appears to be a mom only to them, and moms are always relatable.

It is truly understandable that Mendes wants her kids to stay away from her famous life. In a way, this is protecting them from the stress attached to being a famous person.

Eva Mendes captured on camera answering questions from several reporters.
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Not only is Mendes a popular and amazing actress, she is also dating a very famous actor known as Ryan Gosling. The duo have been together for almost nine years and they share two beautiful kids together.

Not only does Mendes have to deal with the things associated to being famous, she also has to deal with those things as the partner of another famous person. It’s sad that we will not get to see those cute and beautiful smiles of her children on Instagram, but the decision has been made.

Eva Mendes is captured on camera clothe shopping and she looks amazing in this striped dress.
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Eva Mendez was born in Miami, Florida in March ), 1974. She had been involved in the movie business for a while, however, in 2001, she caught the attention of everyone when she featured in “Training Day.”

This helped her to get more iconic and amazing roles in the industry. Aside from being a prolific actress, Mendes has also been an ambassador for some of the biggest companies in the world. Some of which areReebok, Cartier, Calvin Klein and so on.

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