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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande Aren’t in a Feud

Gettyimages | Neilson Barnard
By Alan Blake

Popstar feuds are not a new gossip on the internet, and Taylor Swift has been a subject in a few of them. Her six-year beef with Katy Perry is probably still fresh in the minds of fans after Katy Perry allegedly stole Taylor Swift’s backup dance crew.

The two later dropped their differences and even took to social media to reveal they are now friends again, although the relationship is yet to get to where it would have been.

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Taylor Swift and Grande’s Feud Rumors

Taylor Swift
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Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift’s feud rumors surfaced with an article published in Life & Style with the title Ariana vs. Taylor: Secret Catfight. The article featured an unidentified source claiming that Taylor Swift was jealous of Ariana Grande and her success.

However, the two are not known enemies and have only been focusing on what’s important to them. They do not spend much time together, other than the 2014 Victoria’s Secret fashion show performance, and some few run-ins during awards.

Ariana Grande Allegedly Called out on Swift Over Political Stand

Ariana Grande
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In 2018, Grande appeared to be calling out on Taylor Swift over her reluctance to talk about politics. According to her, the hesitation was possibly out of the fear of losing revenue or fans, a thing that Grande termed wild. However, Grande’s sentiments probably did not upset Swift, given that she did not make a public response.

It is thought that Ariana later convinced Taylor to break the silence, as she in the same year, dropped a political statement on Twitter.

Taylor Swift and Grande Have Been Kind to One Another Online

Ariana Grande
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Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande are evidently not in the same circles. They, however, have been supportive of each other on social media. Ariana, at one time, commented on Taylor’s girl squad terming them as really nice girls. Asked if she could join the group, she responded to say it would be so crazy. Her response is perhaps worth assuming that they both were on good terms.

However, Grande was in 2019 claimed to have been inappropriately silent on Swift’s feud with Grande’s manager Scooter Braun. There are feelings that Ariana should have advocated for Swift, who sought to buy back her masters.

Taylor Swift Isn’t Carrying Any Grudges With Ariana

Taylor Swift
Gettyimages | Dave J Hogan

Although Ariana has pulled two instances that probably would have made Swift to have ill will against her, Taylor doesn’t seem to be holding onto any grudges. Swift recently shared in her Instagram story a list of the most streamed female artists in which Grande appeared at no. 3.

In the post, Taylor wrote declaring her love for the ladies, with Billie Eilish being at the top and Swift following in the second position. Ariana Grande takes the third slot while Halsey and Camilla Cabello follow.

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