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Eminem Admits To Being A "Guest" In Hip Hop

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By kenadijiba

In a recent interview that has gone viral all across Instagram, raps favorite anomaly, Eminem has opened up about proudly being a guest in hip hop. What is wholesome about this entire conversation is how respectful Eminem is of urban culture along with the soulful history. New age artists like Post Malone, or Machine Gun Kelly could learn a thing or two from the still relevant legend. When it comes to this idea of cultural appropriation, this is the main reason Eminem has somehow dodged that bullet.

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Quick Success


First and foremost once Eminem finally blew up and became an international superstar, he already had the much needed cosign of musicians like Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg. With them on his side it was a lot easier for Eminem to be validated, and in turn listened to by a plethora of people from all walks of life. Another genius action that Eminem took early on in his career was to simply be himself. By doing that he never was questioned nor devalued as a rapper.

The Anthems

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When listening to an Eminem song like the anthem “Lose Yourself” everyone believes what he is saying. The authenticity in his strategically placed together word play is what kept fans coming back. His story was one that anyone could relate to, whether you grew up in South Central Los Angeles or in the middle of Nebraska. So, with the elements of immense talent, and a unique identity that the music industry had never really seen before, Eminem created the building blocks then so he could relax now.

Respecting Black Culture

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Now, there might be people out there who when they hear about Eminem being a “guest” in hip hop become enraged. Is it true that he paved the way for the non stereotypical rapper to flourish? Yes, he did do that but what must be recognized is that at the end of the day, hip hop is and was birthed to be a black art form. It was a muscle thousands of black people flexed as an outlet to feel free, and express themselves in times when it wasnt so popular to do so.

One Of The Greatest

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By Eminem who is now regarded as one of the greatest to ever do it, acknowledging this fact it makes him even more likeable. He understands the origins of the music he so dearly loves, and does not try to boast about his perceived wins within the industry. His humility and ultimately his profound growth throughout the years is admirable to watch. How he will maneuver his career from here on is up to him, but what can be said finitily is that if Eminem never wanted to rap again his legacy would still be one for the books.

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