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Bill Clinton Slammed For Comments On Monica Lewinsky

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By kenadijiba

Is this the late 90s? How did Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton enter the stratosphere? The simulation has got to be glitching, let’s hope business recalibrates as usual because with Coronavirus, and this asteroid passing through next month Earth sounds like it’s trying to press the reboot button, and start this baby over. But, aside from impending destruction let us dive into this Monica Lewinsky drama that never seems to end. In an upcoming documentary that's been promoted by Hilary Clinton on the Ellen show, there will be open discussion about the affair.

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Bill And Hilary

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When Hilary Clinton a few months back visited Ellen and for the first time on National television even acknowledged this had happened, people were taken aback. Still, this news was completely overshadowed by her personal comments that have been received as attacks on Bernie Sanders and his campaign. Something Hilary discussed in relation to Lewinsky was that people criticized her ruthlessly for sticking by her husband, who was then the President of The United States. In turn this tarnished her image in certain ways, and hindered her run for the Presidency.

History Of Affairs

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To be fair when it comes to holding Presidents in relation to “affairs' ' and the complexities of marriage to a higher standard, the hypocrisy begins to jump out. For one, and it doesn't excuse Bill’s behaviour, but probably most of the President’s previous to him had extramarital relationships. Most notably John F. Kennedy who’s affair with Marilyn Monroe was sensationzalied, but honestly was rumored to be mean nothing more to him than the handful of other women he was having sex with. So, Bill is not special in his actions.

Manipulation Of Power


What was the greatest mistake on his behalf had to be number one, his manipulation of “power”whether he realized it or not, to influence a young woman into having an affair with him, and then getting caught. These two in combination were his biggest pitfalls. Now, the internet is losing it's head because Bill tied this relationship with Lewinsky to his need to let off steam, or relieve his anxiety. Why this is getting so much harsh drawback is a tad confusing. When speaking to people in general who do cheat, the main reason is all laced with desiring to forget what's going on at home.


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At the end of the day it appears as if people want something to be angry over, or over dramatize. If Bobby down the street was having an in depth conversation with you on why he cheated on his wife Lisa back in 78, and said it was to distract himself would you see that as something to be startled over? When there are actual major issues going on in the world concerning world hunger, and unmanageable viruses that are killing people by the thousands, it is really interesting what people get their pitchforks out in response to.

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