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Kailyn Lowry poses on steps

Kailyn Lowry Dubbed Desperate And Pathetic For 'Accidental' Delivery Driver Text That Was Paid

Kailyn Lowry/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Kailyn Lowry isn't get much luck on Instagram these days. The "Teen Mom 2" star was slammed for announcing that she's pregnant with her fourth, slammed again for showing off her bump fully nude, and it looks like the Pothead haircare CEO is once again being given a rough time by her followers.

Kailyn took to Instagram on Wednesday to promote a company that she has strong links to. The motherhood and fertility app, Peanut is the one Kail used to announce her pregnancy – Kailyn also promoted the app's benefits before becoming pregnant.

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The Post

Kailyn Lowry shares her text
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Kailyn opted out of showing her face for this update. The beautiful mom of three instead showed a screenshot of her phone, appearing to be genuinely battling those 2nd trimester nausea symptoms.

Kailyn had texted that she was super-sick today, admitting that "most" of her meals don't stay down. She then asked whether it is normal for "morning sickness to get worse in the 2nd trimester?"

The reply appeared to come from a delivery driver named Jerome, with Kailyn then realizing that she'd texted the wrong person.

Caption Explains More

Kailyn Lowry enjoys noodles
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Kailyn took to her caption to flesh out what had happened.

"Guys, the pregnancy brain is real. I just messaged my delivery driver instead of my friend on @peanut . I'm dying!! 😂🙈 I've been having issues keeping food down and I started to worry that I'm depriving the baby, so I decided to message my friend from the @peanut app. I'd been speaking to her for a while and I knew she was going through the same thing. I just wanted to know if something was wrong! Anyway, I'll always make sure I click on the right app now. Lesson learned! 😂" she wrote.

'Fakest Ad I've Ever Seen' – Fans Aren't Buying It

Kailyn Lowry on her bed with her sons
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Replies came in fast for this one. While Kailyn did receive support – morning sickness is no joke – it did appear that fans found the post to be in poor taste.

The most-liked comment read:

"Fakest ad i have seen yet 😂 love you kail but we all know this wasn’t true 😅."

"Yeah, because your delivery driver would know wtf “peanut” is 🙄," another said.

"#fake #ad #peanut are all the hashtags you forgot to add 🤣" was another comment, with a further user writing:

"Yeah you didn’t send that message. You ain’t fooling anybody with these paid partnerships lol."

Apple Sauce & Apple Juice: Some Fans Offer Help

Kailyn Lowry poses nude with a horse
Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Slamming as many replies were, not all seemed out to give Kail a tough time.

"Apple sauce and Apple juice were absolute life savers when I have morning sickness and any type of fruit smoothie," one fan wrote.

"Baby brain activated 😂 get better soon!!," another said.

Less than a week ago, Kailyn deleted a nude pregnancy photo of herself taken during her Iceland vacation. The photo of Kailyn posing in a barn and by a horse provoked immense backlash – some might say unfairly-so.

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