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Antonio Sabato Jr.

You Reap What You Sow: Trump’s Supporter, Antonio Sabato Jr., Learns Such an Important Lesson

Gettyimages | Paul Morigi
By Alan Blake

Antonio Sabato Jr., current troubles are the perfect example of what happens when you try to go contrary to the general beliefs of Hollywood. The actor who first came into the limelight as Jagger Cates in General Hospital has been experiencing an avalanche of troubles ever since he publicly declared himself as a Trump supporter in 2016.

The actor boldly promoted Trump's lies about former President Barrack Obama and even boasted of how he doesn't care about the opinions of liberal Hollywood.

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Hollywood Never Forgets

Antonio Sabato Jr.
Gettyimages | David Livingston

Antonio Sabato may not have cared about what people might have thought of him back then, but he sure does now. Speaking to Variety recently, the Bold and the Beautiful actor revealed that his words stabbed him in the back shortly after the 2016 Republican National Convention as his agents and managers all deserted him.

But that's not where his troubles end. Afterward, Sabato was cut out from a reality TV competition series, and it became harder for him to secure any roles.

Antonio Is Now a Construction Person


Given that he was at a good place before he decided to go against Hollywood, it’s easy to assume that even with his practically “dead” acting career, things can’t be that bad. But guess what? They’re so bad, Antonio Sabato has had to sell almost everything he had to pay what he owes.

This he says has left him with no option but to relocate to Florida where he now works in construction to get by. Sabato drives all day, five days a week, to manage the construction sites.

I’m Not Alone! Says Sabato

President Trump
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During the interview with Variety, Antonio Sabato says that Hollywood hates anything or anyone affiliated with President Trump. He even revealed that a particular distribution company had outrightly told him they'd never work on any movie he stars in for his political beliefs.

However, Sabato adds that although Hollywood pretends to be liberal, there are countless Trump supporters who'd rather stay quiet about their political beliefs. But let's be realistic, seeing how that went for him, I would keep a low profile on my political views as well.

But Is Hollywood Really to Blame?

Antonio Sabato Jr.
Gettyimages | Chip Somodevilla

While it's true that, to some extent, Sabato’s controversial political beliefs may have contributed to his downward spiral, is it really fair for him to pin all his troubles on Hollywood?

He may have been a great actor back when he was on The Bold and the Beautiful, but that was nearly a decade and a half ago. His star had virtually burned out even before his political sentiments in 2016. But if he believes Hollywood is to blame, then it’s safe to say he’s reaping what he sow!

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