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Chris Pratt (right) puts his arms around Anna Faris (left)

Chris Pratt Reveals Insecurities He Had During Marriage With Anna Faris

Gettyimages | Jesse Grant
By Natalie Hunter

While many fans saw Chris Pratt and Anna Faris as one of Hollywood's golden couples, there may have been some trouble in paradise underneath the surface. The couple initially got together in 2007. They had met while filming'Take Me Home Tonight.' The couple then tied the knot two years later in 2009. Three years later they had their son, Jack in 2012. The couple's relationship seemed perfect from an outside perspective. They had talked about plans of owning a farm together in the future.

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Fans were shocked when the couple announced their divorce in December 2017. While the reason they gave at the time was that they had different aspirations and directions that they wanted to take their lives in, there may have been more to the story as reported by Perez Hilton.

“Chris was very insecure about himself before he started dating Katherine. He never felt ‘good enough’ for Anna Faris, and then when their relationship started to go downward, he was angry and not liking who he was,” a source told Us Weekly.

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Pratt started dating Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger in June 2018. Their relationship advanced quickly as Pratt proposed in January 2019. The couple walked down the aisle that summer.

“Katherine really changed all of that and Chris has a much healthier self-image now," the source continued to tell Us Weekly. "He goes out with friends more and is overall just much happier. Chris is much more laid-back with Katherine and is so comfortable and happy.”

Pratt wrote a meaningful tribute to his wife on her birthday.


“So happy to have you in my life. I don’t know what I’d do without you," the caption read. "Probably get locked out on the balcony somehow and have to live there or be wandering around some city with an uncharged phone and only one shoe, late for work like some kind of anxiety fever dream. I honestly don’t even want to think about it… You’ve changed my whole world for the better. I’m so grateful to have found you. You’re an incredible wife and step mom. And I’m so excited to celebrate you all weekend!”

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According to Today, Faris extremely supportive of Pratt and Schwarzenegger's relationship.

"Sweet Chris, my ex, got engaged to Katherine today and I'm so happy for them," she said. "I knew that it was gonna happen, and I love her and I love him. I'm just so happy that they found each other."

She added, "Chris texted me this morning and he was like, 'You know, I proposed to Katherine last night.' And I was like, 'Ahhh, that’s amazing.' And I texted him back like, 'Just want to remind you I'm an ordained minister!'"

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