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Robert Downey Jr. Is Asking 2 Things To Return To The MCU

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Mario Perez

We have seen exactly one Marvel movie be released after Avengers End Game in Spiderman Far From Home. This was the first movie that gave us a glimpse into the MCU after the events of End Game. It is really interesting how the movie addresses characters coming back from being vanished in Infinity War.

It is also the first movie were we see an MCU without Tony Stark. Fans are not coping well with Robert Downey Jr.'s absence in the MCU. The good news is, it may not last long!

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Tony Is Seemingly Set To Make an Appearance In Black Widow

Gettyimages | Alberto E. Rodriguez

One of the biggest "ifs" around the Black Widow movie was whether or not Tony Stark would appear in the movie. Since the Black Widow movie is set way before the events of End Game or Infinity War there would not be an issue if Tony was a part of the story.

It actually makes sense, Black Widow's first appearance in the MCU was in an Ironman movie. It seems that RDJ is going to make at least a small appearance in the movie.

RDJ's Demands

Gettyimages | NBC

According to multiple sources Downey Jr. is actually in active negotiations with Disney in order to reprise his character. There are two main demands that he is making in order to dawn the Ironman suit yet again.

One of his demands is actually that his pal Gwyneth Paltrow gets more screen time within the MCU as Pepper Potts. Essentially if Paltrow returns and is key towards bringing back Tony Stark in the upcoming films Downey would consider signing back on to play the character.

The Second Demand


It does not seem that the first demand is too harsh at all. It would only make sense that Pepper Potts be the character that is most interested in bringing back Stark in the first place. Therefore, it would not be an odd plot point at all.

The second demand seems to be the one that is holding things up. The fact is RDJ is looking to cash in big for his return. Disney is not exactly afraid of writing checks, so how much could he be asking for?

How Much Could He Be Asking For?

Unsplash | Elijah O'Donnell

RDJ's revenue from Marvel has certainly increased drastically over the years. According to reports his first salary for Ironman number one was only 500,000 dollars. Since then, he had his pay seen increasing substantially. For pretty much all of the Avengers movies, he had a base salary of 10 million dollars. With Captian America Civil war raking him up allegedly around 40 million.

This last number is probably the number that he is going to be looking to top in base pay for a movie that would see him return to put on that red suit!

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