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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Reveal How Often They Fight, Role-Playing Afterward

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By Zachary Holt

The actress, Kristen Bell, and her husband, Dax Shepard, have had to work pretty hard throughout the marriage in order to make things work.

The couple has been very outspoken about knowing that they're 'opposites' and thus, need to team up and be constructive in how they approach differences in their opinions and ideologies.

Through a lot of talks and compromise, though, the couple has come up with ways to work through their disagreements, especially so that their children aren't subjected to seeing the two fighting all of the time and being disrespectful.

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Bell and Shepard Don't Believe in 'The One', Knowing They'e Exact Opposites

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In 2017, Dax Shepard had a chance to speak with Us Weekly and open up about his marriage to Bell. He told the outlet that they don't believe in the whole 'The One' concept, and also understand that they're antithetical opposites of each other, naturally, requiring work to get on the same page and get along sometimes.

"We are opposites," Shepard told Us Weekly. "And it has taken a tremendous amount of work and therapy for us to coexist." The couple also hasn't refrained from talking about how they do fight from time to time and how they address the issue.

The Couple at One Point Had a Fight So Bad, They Blacked Out in the Process

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Not too long ago, Bell appeared on Justin Long's podcast, Life Is Short with Justin Long, and shared the story of a fight she had with Shepard that got so bad, she claims she blacked out and didn't recall what happened during the argument.

"I don't actually remember what happened, but what transpired was a lot of volume, a lot of harsh words being thrown around, and it was an angry, angry fight about how nobody does anything for anybody else," she told Long during the podcast.

Bell and Shepard Agreed to Role Play After Arguments to Set Good Example For Their Children

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Well, recently, the couple appeared on the Motherly podcast to reveal how they solve the problems when it comes to fighting and how they try to set the best example with their two daughters, Delta and Lincoln. For the couple, role-playing is the key, and not in the same way you'd think about it.

Bell shared that she and Shepard made a deal to 'role-play' after an argument because their children could sense the tension in their 'adult' conversations. The role-playing would be done where their kids could hear it, so they could see that their parents weren't fighting anymore.

'You Can't Give Anything to Your Child That You Don't Have Yourself'

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"We'll come home, we'll be tense with each other, we'll snap at each other in the kitchen — not realizing they're witnessing it — we put them to bed, we go into the bedroom, and just privately, we'll say, 'God, I'm sorry I snapped at you, I've had a really tough day'," Bell explained.

The next morning, the couple will apologize to each other, regardless of whether they're still mad or not, and physically embrace each other to set a positive example for their children.

"You can't give anything to your child that you don't have yourself," Bell said in conclusion. "If you want your child to have a positive body image, you better start having it."

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