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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Is A Showstopper Wherever She Goes! Even On A Day Out At The Beach!

Gettyimages | Andrew Toth
By Aja

Jennifer Lopez is a woman of many talents. She can dance, sing, act and direct. Lopez can even maintain a toned body at 50 years-old and still turn heads. She doesn't even look she pumped out two kids. The mother of two is definitely ageless and knows how to rock her body in any outfit she wears, including a risque swimsuit. Recently, J.LO rocked a plunging white swimsuit that exposed her toned figure and curves. The woman looked like a Goddess sent from heaven. She is pure perfection!

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Her Day Out At The Beach

Jennifer Lopez by the beach
Gettyimages | Uri Schanker

J.LO already had a springbreak vibes going when she headed out to the beach on March 4 in nothing but an all white, backless swimsuit. The cut outs exposed fine layers of toned muslce and natural bronze skin that gave Lopez the look of a female heavy weight champ. She looks so confident and strong in the photos that it makes no sense. The print on her swimsuit read "Forever Young" which has been historically accurate about Lopez. She is eternally young, especially given her fit figure.

Lopez Works Out At The Gym Daily

Jennifer Lopez
Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil

Everyone wants to know Jennifer Lopez's secret to a long and sustaining body. Her only reply is to work out at the gym everyday. Most working people can't do that, but as a celebrity, it's the status quo to maintain a fit body. Though, J.LO's body puts Khloe Kardashian's Revenge Body show to shame. The Medicine singer works out 365 years of the year, without rest. Her trainer even revealed that Lopez is a fan of strength workouts and prefers exercises like "50 hanging ab raises, 50 rope crunches, and 50 incline sit ups with a 45-pound plate." That's a lot of cardio!

Lopez's Outfit To The Beach

Jennifer Lopez at the beach
Gettyimages | Uri Schanker

To get ready for the beach, Jennifer Lopez first arrived in Miami in her down-time wear. The Medicine singer stepped out in a white halter top and with black, high-wasted, paper bag trousers. Her Channel tote bag was the most eye-catching item on Lopez. Fashion experts say that he Deavuille bag is a 2018 model and rings in anywhere between $3,000 to $3, 700 dollars! Not to mention, the 50 year-old wore a stylish pair of flip-flops that cost an additional $40 dollars. Even wearing beach clothes are expensive in Hollywood!

Lopez Flaunts Mid-drift

Jennifer Lopez workout outfit
Gettyimages | Raymond Hall

Even Jennifer Lopez's workout look is fashionable. The mother of two might as well be walking the red carpet. Last week, she was spotted again in Miami, carrying a red Valentino purse and her face beat with makeup. The woman had on lipstick and blush. Most women can't pull off wearing wearing full makeup on their face while running a mile on treadmill, unless their sweat glands are just nonexistent! Lopez's workout clothes probably cost a fortunate as well, wearing nothing but dark red spandex pants and a white tank, baring her toned stomach. She doesn't even look like she pumped out two kids!

Lopez's Adorns Herself In All Purple

Jennifer Lopez At Awards Show
Gettyimages | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

March 4 must've been an extremely big day for J.LO because she just keeps serving fans with these iconic and stylish looks. Then again, she is one of Hollywood's biggest fashion icons. She basically has to stay ahead of fashions newest trends. One style that the 50 year-old was dying to try was the Monochromatic look; which fashion experts refer to as a matchy-matchy trend. J.LO had her nails painted in a lavender shade to make her pastel purple eyeshadow. The singer looked like beautiful as always! Jennifer Lopez can wear just about anything and make it her own look.

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