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Rachel Lindsay shrugging her shoulders

Rachel Lindsay Has Some Opinions About 'The Bachelor' Franchise

Gettyimages | Noel Vasquez
By Sarah Veldman

After appearing on The Bachelor. and subsequently finding love on her own season of The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay is no stranger to the franchise. However, she hasn't always given praise to the show. If anything, she has been highly critical of things like the lack of diversity.

Despite her criticism, she appeared on Peter Weber's Women Tell All episode to give a PSA on the trolling and hateful messages that many contestants on The Bachelor receive. She even read some of the messages out loud.

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Rachel Showed Up To 'Women Tell All' To Give A PSA

Giphy | The Bachelor

She started off saying, “I’d like to talk about something that’s been going on for the last several seasons, something that is not okay. Unfortunately, there is a line that has been crossed, and so it is time to address that.”

Before she read some of the messages, she said, “I feel like you guys hear us talk about the hate that we receive, but you have no idea what it is, and the only way that I can actually make you feel it is for you to see it.”

Rachel Read Some Shocking Messages From Trolls

Giphy | The Bachelor

Rachel read some of the shocking messages that contestants from Peter's season had received so far, and they were absolutely awful to hear.

Despite appearing on the Women Tell All episode to talk about this, Rachel has had some choice comments about the show itself.

In a past interview with Associated Press, Rachel was highly critical of the show for their lack of diversity, and the fact that it took them so long to feature a same-sex relationship on the show.

Rachel Has Criticized The Show For Lack Of Diversity

Rachel Lindsay with husband Bryan Abasolo
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She told the outlet, “The girls all look the same way. My first reaction to when someone said, ‘You should be on The Bachelor,’ (was) ‘Black people don’t go far on that show.’ We laughed about it, but it’s actually true."

She continued, "My biggest complaint is that the show does not reflect what the real world looks like. I would have women of all ages. I mean, there has to be a cut-off point, but I’d have women of different shapes, sizes, backgrounds, ethnicities. I would change it completely. Men as well, obviously.”

Rachel Called Out The Show

Giphy | The Bachelorette

Shockingly, she called out the show that got her where she is, saying she doesn't think it will last. Though she has a point, it's odd coming from someone who was The Bachelorette herself.

She claimed she doesn't “know how much longer the show can survive in this day and age."

She continued, "I think it’s going to be harder for them to find relationships that work. The show is either going to have to change or it’s gonna end.”

It's a strange sentiment coming from her, but perhaps the producers and creator of the show will listen to her opinion.

The most recent Bachelorette has been announced as Clare Crawley, so the show is at least showing diversity in age next season.

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