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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony live on stage

Why Did Jennifer Lopez Need Therapy After Marc Anthony Divorce?

Gettyimages | Ethan Miller
By Maurice Cassidy

Jennifer Lopez has admitted to feeling like a failure after she and ex-husband Marc Anthony divorced in 2014.

Just six years after the birth of their twins Max and Emme, both 12, the “All I Have” singer said her marriage came to an end but the split particularly troubled her because of their kids.

While talking to Oprah Winfrey at her “2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus” event in Los Angeles last week, Lopez expressed that she never saw herself not being with the man she was going to have children with.

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Jennifer Was Devastated After Divorcing Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony and Jennifer lopez with their twins
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So when J. Lo’s relationship with Marc came to an end, the 50-year-old felt the need to reassess her life by speaking to a therapist and engaging in spiritual activities in order to come to terms with the fact that her life was about to make a drastic change.

“I had to re-examine my whole life…and regroup at that time,” the Bronx native told Winfrey.

“I had waited to have kids [until I was] 38 and I had never wanted to not be with the person I had kids with and I felt that I was not going to give my kids what they needed and I just didn’t know what to do.”

She Was Determined To Get Better

Jennifer Lopez at an event
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Ways in which Jennifer had the option to help her psychological state at the time included a lot of praying and regular meditation sessions while surrounding herself with people who had been through similar situations in the past.

When her marriage with Anthony came to end, Lopez was crushed on the grounds that she experienced childhood in a Roman Catholic family unit with both of her parents Guadalupe and David Lopez present.

So, it made the former "American Idol" judge sad knowing that her children wouldn't get to grow up with their parents still together.

Jennifer Didn't Want To Get Divorced

Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl
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And because she was “taught culturally that you have to be together, and you can’t raise your kids without a man and a man,” Jennifer ultimately felt like she had failed at her duties as a wife, but most of all, as a mother.

The divorce was going to move ahead regardless, so the only thing she could do was prepare herself for the drastic change that was set to impact her life.

It was a difficult time for Jennifer, who says that aside from regular therapy sessions, meditating and consistent praying, she’d also received a lot of support from people who had been in similar situations in the past.

Therapy Helped Her Get Through A Difficult Time

Jennifer Lopez at an event
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“I was around the people in my life that were older and more experienced that could help me….the experience and the wisdom that they have is so priceless to me,” J. Lo added.

“I read a lot of Louise Hay‘s books, I’ve met Louise Hay. Whatever I could.” Jennifer’s full interview with Oprah Winfrey aired March 4 on Winfrey’s Facebook channel.

Her revealing discussion to address her split from Marc comes just one month after the "Do It" pop star put on a blazing performance alongside Shakira at the Super Bowl.

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