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Harry Styles Opens Up About Why His Relationships Fail

Gettyimages | Gareth Cattermole
By kenadijiba

If you lived through the ruthlessness of the 90’s and no nonsense code of the 80’s, you'll understand how impactful “The Howard Stern” show was. His genius over how he somehow made high profile celebrities comfortable enough to admit to things they’d never otherwise share with the public, is what solidified his place as radio royalty. With Robin as his partner in crime Howard really took his career to the next level, and gave average Joe’s the insight into what it is really like to be in the Hollywood bubble.

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Juicy Interviews


His last truly no holds bar celebrity interview had to be with the actor James Franco. In that interview he went deep, and lost his will to really care what the media was going to say about his invasive questions. Just yesterday he went on to speak with another A lister, Harry Styles. Although the interview was juicy for those who had never heard Styles speak so “normally”, it still lacked that flair for excitement and true introspection that Stern fans love.

Style's Love Life

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Some questions thrown Style’s way were about his love life, and how he never takes it all the way with his conquests. When discussing the song “Adore You” Howard made an assumption on what it was about. The thing that Stern pulled from it was the idea that Styles enjoys the initial fiery beginnings of meeting someone. The honeymoon stage really rocks his world, but once things become stale he loses interest. Howard went on to assert that since Styles is young, handsome, rich, and successful he can move on without even thinking.



There was also a discussion into whether Harry goes to therapy. He went on to say that he didn't want to be like all Hollywood people, and go to therapy just for the sake of it, but then realized it's actually a fantastic tool. Howard then returned for a minute to his true no-nonsense way of talking and decided that since Style’s father did leave the family, but still maintained contact after the divorce, Styles could have issues with males in his life. Ultimately because of his well-taught media trained skills, Styles really didn't reveal too much.

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