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'The Bachelor': Does Peter Weber Believe in Soulmates?

Gettyimages | Noel Vasquez
By Megan Prevost

It seems like Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor has been on forever. Maybe that's just because we're all dying to find out exactly how the season ends. Many hints have been dropped, but the pilot and Chris Harrison both remain certain that the finale hasn't been spoiled.

At the beginning of Fantasy Suites week, Weber claimed that he was in love with all three girls (only to send one packing just a few days later). Clearly Weber learned a lot from this show, but what did he learn about love?

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Chris Harrison Talks About the Peter Drama


On the Bachelor Happy Hour Podcast, Harrison revealed that, "There is so much that's left to unpack and to go through. I feel like the season's barely started, honestly, considering what's about to happen in the final week of the show, which is wild to say."

What does that even mean? Will a girl from the past return in the finale? Will Madison or Hannah Ann even end up being Peter's wife? We have so many questions and we literally can't wait any longer.

'Bring Her Home to Us'

Giphy | The Bachelor

He knows that the next episode is going to be filled with lots of drama. Harrison went on to say,

"It is unlike any season we’ve ever had as far as the finale and how it ends. You see a little bit in the super tease with the dramatic [scenes] and him being upset because he gets some news, that final couple of days. You see his mom. We’re finally going to get the answer of who his mom is talking about, the Meryl Streep moment of ‘Bring her home to us.'"

Peter Weber on Soulmates

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In an interview that Weber did with Entertainment Tonight, he was asked about his controversial statement where he said that he was in love with all three women at the same time.

Lauren Zima asked, "Are you really in love with three women? You've gotten some criticism for this."

In response, Weber said, "Yeah, I don't know why. If I wasn't feeling it I wouldn't have said it. I think this experience for sure has shown me there's not just one soulmate out there."

Multiple Soulmates?

Giphy | The Bachelor

He went on to say that, "I think at some point in my life I used to think that. Yeah, I've definitely been able to give my heart to more than one person. So it's possible."

Weber has definitely struggled with letting people go on this season. He clearly was upset when he had to send Victoria F. home and had issues with letting Alayah leave earlier in the season.

We're unsure of who Weber will end up with at the end of all of this, but we hope they're happy together.

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