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'The Bachelor': Victoria F. May Be Heading to 'Bachelor In Paradise' After Her Drama Filled Season

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By Megan Prevost

Victoria F. was a huge source of drama on this season of The Bachelor. She caused problems with the girls, and in her relationship with Peter.

Their arguments often featured her storming off before Weber could explain the problem. There definitely wasn't an adult conversation to be had between these two, and their relationship was far from perfect.

However, Weber claimed that he was in love with her (as he did with the other two girls), and then sent her home after Fantasy Suites.

Victoria F. Takes the Hot Seat

Giphy | The Bachelor

Women Tell All is one of the best parts of The Bachelor. Women Tell All is when all the girls from the season sit around and talk about how they could have been better. Usually, there's some drama that comes out, or some old feuds reignited.

Women Tell All also features a hot seat, where Chris Harrison can ask the girls (and Peter) heated questions about the season and their personal lives.

Victoria F. hit the hot seat, but the questions didn't seem as fired up as they should have been.

Chris Harrison Doesn't Take it Easy


Chris Harrison is famously tough on the contestants during Women Tell All, but this season he seemed a little less harsh, especially when it came to questioning Victoria F.

When she got into the hot seat, Harrison was blatant, and straight up asked her if she had broken up any marriages. Victoria F. denied the claims, and Harrison didn't put up a fight. That was the end of the conversation.

For someone who was set up as dramatic in the season, it was weird to see her get such a light 'edit' on Women Tell All.

Headed to 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Giphy | Bachelor in Paradise

The cast for the next season of Bachelor in Paradise hasn't been confirmed yet, but there are a few speculations.

Many fans believe that they're preparing to throw Victoria F. into paradise. This is likely so she can cause drama there too, increasing the viewers the show gets.

Because she got such a light edit, and not many harsh questions, on Women Tell All, many believe they're read to toss her into paradise to find love again. Why else would they have made her look good on Women Tell All?

Even the Audience was Empathetic

Giphy | The Bachelor

Usually the audience during Women Tell All is filled with a host of different reactions, some disgusted, some bored, and some empathetic.

You would think that the reactions to Victoria F. would be something else, but they were empathetic. Reality Steve has told us many times that he has the receipts for Victoria F.'s part in broken up marriages and relationships, but the audience didn't seem to care.

One fan commented on YouTube that, "Omg! They gave Victoria F. such a PASS! Chris Harrison just accepted that 'bail out' and moved on. Mind you, despite all the episodes and even this tell-all, she never once out-and-out denied any of the allegations."

We'll have to wait and see if she'll be heading to paradise to cause even more trouble.

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