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These Celebrities Have Decided to Defy Beauty Standards and Get Face Tattoos

Gettyimages | Kevork Djansezian
By Tochukwu Nwokike

Beauty is in the beholder's eyes— and occasionally engraved in their face. They may express themselves or maybe they just have nothing else to expend their money on, but face tattoos are quickly becoming a popular celebrity phenomenon. Whatever their rationale, here's a peek at celebrities with facial tattoos.

Post Malone

While he already had many face tattoos, Post Malone added to his collection to celebrate the new year. Now the 24-year-old singer has a medieval gauntlet on the side of his face holding a threatening flail.

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Gettyimages | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin


At first glance, it may seem as if the only face tattoo of R&B singer Kehlani is a small paper airplane under one cheek, but there are actually a few more tattoos hidden in plain sight. The first is the word "Espíritu Free" which means "free spirit" in Spanish which is tattooed to the side of her head near her hairline. She has a black queen of heart symbol on the other side of her head, identical to the Halsey's.

Gettyimages | VALERIE MACON

Mike Tyson & Chris Brown

Mike Tyson is somewhat a pioneer in the realm of celebrity face tattoos, having had his for nearly two decades. The boxer has a swirl pattern on his face, wrapping around his eye and stretching from his upper forehead to below his cheekbone.

Singer Chris Brown has always had tattoos, but it seems he's getting more creative as he adds more and more to his body. His latest addition came in the form of an Air Jordan sneaker on the side of his face.

Giphy | 6ix9ine

Justin Bieber & Tekashi 6ix9ine

Less is more as far as Justin Bieber is concerned when it comes to face tattoos. The "Baby" singer has two tats on his face, a small cross under his left eye and the word "grace" above his right eyebrow. Both are small and fading, making them tough to spot in pictures, but they're there nonetheless.

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine might be better known for his recent legal troubles than for his music right now, but another factor that has brought attention to him is his numerous face tattoos.

The 23-year-old has the number "69," a spider web, a flower and several more markings on his face.

Giphy | VH1

** Amber Rose & Presley Gerber**

Amber Rose first came into the public eye while dating Kanye West. Both of her arms are covered in ink, as is her lower belly, and now, her forehead.

Rose, 36, tattooed "Bash Slash" -- a nod to her sons Sebastian and Slash -- across her forehead. In an interview with singer Keyshia Cole, Rose said that Kobe Bryant's death inspired her to live without regret and to get the tattoo.

Being the son of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, Presley Gerber is modeling royalty, which is why it was so surprising to see him put some ink on his face. The 20-year-old now has the word "misunderstood" tattooed on his cheek.

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