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NeNe Leakes Had a Talk Show in the Works but Wendy Williams Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter Stopped It

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By Imani Ford

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Nene Leakes had a lot to say about her Marriage, Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast Members and so much more. One notable thing was when Charlemagne Tha God asked her about an incident that happened years ago. Nene was supposed to have her talk show. What came as a surprise was who stopped her show from happening. Leakes, let it be known that she thinks it was Wendy Williams’s ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

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NeNe and Wendy are Good Friends

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Years ago, the same producer who made The Wendy Williams Show, wanted to produce a show with Nene as the host. Most fans know that Wendy and Nene have been friends for almost 13 years. In recent months, they have been seen more and more together. When asked if she talked to Wendy about what she thinks Hunter did she says “No, I don’t think we talked about it.” She did admit that she would be open to discussing what happened.

Nene Believes Kevin Was Toxic

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In the middle of the interview, they dove deeper into what Nene thought about Hunter. “He was never nice to me. I don’t think he ever wanted me to be around so that was fine” she says. “I didn’t think he was good for her but you know, people are in relationships because – I don’t know what’s happening in their personal lives.” Of course, The Breakfast Club is known for digging as much information about the topic as possible so Nene had even more to say.

NeNe Is Over It

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“It does feel like something that should be addressed just because you guys are together a lot now,” Angela Yee says to Nene. Nene then responds by saying “I don’t ever talk to her about it but you know I’m not opposed to talking to Wendy about nothing, honestly! I just feel like it was old news. I don’t care about it anymore. I’ve moved on. She’s moved on. She’s not with Kev anymore. I thought he was toxic to her.

NeNe’s Last Comment on the Topic


“I’m sure he was the person to go and get it stopped like its either her or Wendy, her or Wendy and they already had money and Wendy’s show was already on” Nene proclaims. It seems like Nene has already moved on from it and looking forward to bigger and better things. It was still unclear if Wendy had any involvement in it but Nene feels like it was all Kevin’s doing. Hopefully, in the future, Nene will get that second chance to have her talk show.

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