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Ariana Grande & Mikey Foster

Ariana Grande & Mikey Foster Broke Up, But Were They Ever Really Dating?

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Aja

Sure everyone loves good ol' fashion Hollywood gossip but there's a point where the kingdom of glitz and glamour shoots out fake news. Celeb dating rumors are always going to be a thing in the media. Even when they're blown out of proportion. The latest celeb dating rumor is that Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster just called it quits. Spectators have long pondered over the two singers' relationship to one another. Yet, there was never confirmation on their actual dating status. Were they or were they not an item?

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Rumors First Started Back In June 2019

Ariana Grande performing
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Ariana Grande has had her fair share of relationships and flings, especially with her engagement to SNL's Pete Davidson. Now the Dangerous Woman is at the center of yet another dating rumor, this time Mikey Foster. The rumors first started to gain legs when Foster and Charles Anderson of Social House joined the singer on her 2019 tour. Afterwards, they released her 2019 Boyfriend video. The feature starred Social House, with Foster playing Grande's main love interest. In the bathroom scene, specifically, Grande and Foster have an epic fight that results in the two having a full-on makeout sess. in a heaping pile of tile and broken faucets. The kiss in the video is reason enough spectators to draw conclusions. Though, it could just be acting.

A Date In Chicago

Ariana Grande & Mikey Foster performing
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Rumors started to get more aggressive when Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster were spotted in Chicago holding hands. US Weekly reported that the two were out at Siena Tavern with a group of friends and Grande's mom Joan. A little PDA took place as well between Grande and Foster, which seems like a bit of a stretch. Everything suggests that they two were dating, if it weren't for the fact that her mother Joan was present at the dinner outing. Not really sure how serious but Grande wouldn't make the same mistake of introducing her mother to someone's she's not exclusive with. Unless he's a really good friend of hers and the Grande family, that would more believable.

They Met Back In 2015

Ariana Grande & Social House
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Though dating rumors may have started about the two dating after the release of their Boyfriend collab, they actually first met back in 2015. Sources say that during this time, Foster was helping her work on her 2015 Christmas & Chill EP. Mikey Foster even helped produce some of Grande's recent biggest hits like her 2018 Thank U, Next and 7 Rings. The Social House member has known Grande for longer than preconceived. If they were dating, it would've happened already.

They Hung Out At Disneyland

Unsplash | Cody Board

Grande and Foster were even spotted together at Disneyland back in February. Not only does the month represent historical black achievements but it's also the time of the year for love. The two should've thought better than to hangout together with Valentines Day being a few days away. Not to mention they were in Disneyland of all places. Sources say that Grande and Foster walked arm in arm as they roamed throughout the park. The two never left each others side. Sounds innocent enough but with all speculation made by the media, there's no telling what really happened between these two.

What Led To Their Sudden "Breakup"?

Ariana Grande & Mikey Foster
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Though there's no real evidence to support that Grande and Foster were dating to begin with, the media has managed to give the rumors wings after claiming the two broke up earlier this week. After nine whole months of supposed dating, Grande and Foster were no longer a couple. News sources say that the two superstars were simply just a fling. "They were just enjoying their chemistry and tried to see if it could be more. It ended up not being what they had thought would happen and they are totally cool about it.” That actually seems plausible, given Grande's tendency to go through men like water. Still, it was never confirmed that Grande and Foster were dating. They certainly didn't breakup, either.

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