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Robyn, Janelle, Meri, and Christine Brown

'Sister Wives': Are the Browns Building One Giant House or Not?

Gettyimages | Gabe Ginsberg
By A. Elise

TLC may be on Season 14 of plyg drama with Sister Wives, but a lot of fans feel like they are not getting many answers to their questions. After last Sunday's episode in which Kody Brown got into an explosive argument with first wife Meri and fourth wife Robyn, it seemed as if there was a lot of drama surrounding the building of their homes. It also became clear that the family was undecided about what they are going to do with their plot of land. It's been about a year since that episode was filmed, so what did the family ultimately decide?

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Janelle, Christine, Kody, Meri, and Robyn Brown
Gettyimages | Gabe Ginsberg

Last season, viewers watched the Brown family pick up and move from their Las Vegas culdesac to several houses around Flagstaff. The goal was to move somewhere more inclusive but also safer for their children. Additionally, Robyn's oldest son began studying at a local university, and she seemingly wanted to be closer to him.

In Season 14, it is becoming clear that the family is facing a host of problems, including having to move from rental to rental. Now, the family needs to decide what kind of house they will build on their property.


Kody Brown spent several episodes trying to convince his four wives that they should move into one large house with separate apartments. Only one of his wives, Janelle, was on board with the idea. In the latest episode, the family discussed separating the land into different plots and then building separate homes. Many viewers said they felt a sense of "whiplash" (much like Robyn) about Kody's sudden change in momentum. Suddenly, Kody seemed very invested in the idea of each wife having her own plot of land.

Sister Wives cast sitting on stage
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So, what is happening now? Kody and his four wives purchased a plot of land last April. As of now, there has not been much progress made in the way of building. Viewers can feel confident that there will not be just one house built on the land because it has been officially divided into four separate parcels. In fact, it was the division of the land into parcels that made Kody so angry that he could not help but lash out at Meri.

View of Flagstaff
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So, what is the family doing now? Viewers know that Christine bought a house, and those who use social media know that Robyn ended up buying a house in the city as well. Some fans speculate that the family is going to move trailers over to the plot of land to live in while the homes are constructed. Whether this is something viewers will see on Sister Wives remains to be seen. It looks as if fans may see a lot more conflict this season.

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