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'Love Is Blind' Jessica Drops New Pics While Fans Demand 'Justice for Jessica'

@jessicabatten_ / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Jessica Batten was definitely showcased as the villain of "Love Is Blind" after the show's "experiment" came to an end, but now it seems fans are rallying behind the star as the reunion episode is set to air.

Jessica took to Instagram on Monday and posted a set of photos while clearly enjoying the warm California weather after moving out from Atlanta following the end of "Love is Blind."

"This is reality! Happy Monday," she captioned the shots.

While wearing a red floral-print dress, the "Love Is Blind" star appeared unbothered and fresh-faced, even after the torrent of criticism she received for her part on the popular Netflix dating series.

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@jessicabatten_ / Instagram

Spoiler Alert

For those who haven't yet watched "Love Is Blind," the show follows multiple couples who first interact in separated pods, without seeing each other, before they get engaged in a matter of days and then meet and navigate a tumultuous road to the altar.

Jessica's time on the show was especially dramatic, as she clearly was in love with another man the entire time, and appeared to be stringing along her actual fiance, Mark, before finally dumping him on their wedding day in front of family and friends by making it clear she cannot marry him.

Fans Praise Her Decision


While many people were calling for Jessica's head after watching the show, other fans are now praising the reality star for remaining true to herself and not falling into the pressure of getting married to a man she did not want to be with.

"I thought you were great on the show. You knew what you wanted and went for it. Stayed true to yourself. When the situation wasn’t right you got out. The right decision isn’t always the easy one," one fan wrote to Jessica.

'Justice for Jessica'

Another fan praised Jessica for being a "blonde chaos queen," while others simply demanded "Justice for Jessica."

"Your authenticity is so admirable. While not everyone has ever been in your shoes, I think your story relates to so many in different ways and it was brave of you to be vulnerable and take a chance at love," another Jessica stan commented on her IG.

As the "Love Is Blind" reunion is set to air this week, Jessica has reminded fans that not everything that went down during taping made it to air.

"Thanks for watching and for your love and kindness. We couldn't have imagined how much the show would resonate with so many. There's a ton that happens behind the scenes and does not make it to the screen," she wrote on IG during the airing of the finale.

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