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Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco Believes DC's Harley Quinn Is A Hero To All Women

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By Aja

There are many heroes people look up to, such as Batman and Superman. Additionally, many female heroines have become idols for women, like DC's Wonder Woman and Marvel's Captain Marvel. DC, however, has a more progressive attitude towards women and often advocates for strong female characters. While Wonder Woman is a major symbol of feminism, Harley Quinn is also deemed an idol to women. In fact, Kaley Cuoco who voices the anti-hero in the 2020 Harley Quinn animated series, believes the DC character is a hero to the modern-day woman.

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Kaley Cuoco's Harley Quinn Isn't Like Wonder Woman At All

Gel Gadot as Wonder Woman
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What's interesting is that DC comics took a non-essential character and give her a lead role. Harley Quinn resonates with the changing times and women of today more than idolized trophs like Wonder Women. According to Kaley Cuoco, that's what women want to see. "I think she actually represents more of the women out there than we think. Getting away from a bad relationship and having your friends around you to make you feel powerful and believe in yourself, that’s like feminism at its core." Cuoco is referring to Harley Quinn's brave step in walking away from an abusive relationship, a hardship many battered women face.

Harley Quinn Changes Century-Long Ideas Of Women

Harley Quinn animated series cast
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For centuries women have been seen as the nurturer, the wife, the mother and the weaker sex. All of these staples have stripped women of their individuality and uniquiness. While Wonder Women has shown that women can be just as strong and powerful as men, Harley Quinn offers up a more realistic take on a woman's self-worth. Kaley Cuoco says her character, "Kicks ass, she loves her friends, she does bad things but for what she thinks are right reasons, she’s strong, she’s quirky, she’s fun and absolutely adorable. She gets away with things that no one else does." In the show, Quinn becomes her own woman and finds her identity.

Possible Relationship Between Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn

Lake Bell
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In relation to the attitudes about women changing, Harley Quinn also furthers the conversation about the LGBTQ community. While her solo film briefly eludes to her sexuality as bi, the DC series takes plans to take things further in season 2. The show's first season easily hints at a possible coupling between Harley Quinn and fellow Gotham villain Poison Ivy. Kaley Cuoco even hinted at the idea that a possible relationship might be brewing between the two besties. Hopefully the series will live up to shippers' standards and follow the comic books accordingly in Season 2.

Kaley Cuoco Can Relate To Harley Quinn

Kaley Cuoco
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Former The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco was drawn to the Harley Quinn series right after reading the script. The villain, however, resonates with Cuoco on a deeper level than fans realize. The actress was a victim of an abusive relationship herself. Her marriage to famous tennis player Ryan Sweeting ended in 2013 after it became news that he was addicted to prescription drugs. Reports stated that the couple would get into fights and often times, Sweeting would "lash out" at Cuoco. Luckily, the actress was brave enough to walk away from the toxic relationship, just as Harley Quinn did.

Cuoco Has Grown From That Experience And Become Her Own Woman

Kaley Cuoco
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Kaley Cuoco's love life almost quite literately coincedes with Harley Quinn. Both the actress and character walk away from toxic relationships and have grown stronger from them. Cuoco certainly has and even imparted a little wisdom to her friends about relationships as well. In an interview with Women's Health Cuoco stated that if ,"her now husband, Karl Cook decided to leave her she'd be fine because she can financially support herself. Having a man in her life is an added bonus, not a necessity." Like Harley Quinn, Cuoco is an independent woman.

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