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Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell smiling

Why Dax Shepard Said 'No' to a Prenup With Wife Kristen Bell

Gettyimages | Cindy Ord
By Brooklyn Denton

There's not much married couple Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell won't talk about. When it comes to Hollywood relationships, their transparency is unmatched, a characteristic that's lent itself when revealing some of their most intimate truths. This includes Shepard's history with addiction and the couple's revelation about the importance of couples therapy in their beginning stages to truly solidify their bond.

The long-time couple actually met while at a hockey game. Although chemistry could be felt, the romantic spark would prove to be a little slower to ignite.

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When they first met, the actor and actress duo were on very different waves career-wise. Back then, Shepard was the more successful one of the couple. But nowadays, Bell has leveled up her credentials, notoriety, and net worth. Luckily for them, they operate from a place of love where they truly wish the best for each other and want to see the other person win. Despite being outearned by his wife, Shepard couldn't be happier for Bell and her accomplishments.

Shepard and Bell met 13 years ago, back in 2007. Two years later, in 2009, Shepard propsed to Bell even though he used to be a non-believer of marriage. The couple had strong values when it came to marriage equality and everyone's right to legally marry. As a result, they ultimately made a decision to hold off on getting married until 2013. The pair married in a simple courthouse ceremony and made another important choice: not to get a prenup.


Shepard explained the reason behind his choice in a 2018 interview with Conan O'Brien. As a homeowner and an entertainer making more bank than Bell at the time, he admitted to the host that he "really, really" wanted to get a prenup but when Bell asked, he ultimately chose against it.

“Because something good came over me for once and I made the right decision," he said.

In the past, some of Shepard's choices regarding Bell weren't the best, particularly the decision he made to break up with her early in their relationship. He wasn't sure he was ready for a commitment with her at the time. And though it was only for a few days before they reconciled and stayed together from then on, moments like that clearly had a lasting effect on how he viewed Bell in terms of a life-long commitment to her.

These days, Bell has more than surpassed Shepard's net worth. At $20 million, the The Good Place actress is flying high on the Ms in her bank account. Over the years, Bell has had a slew of impressive roles, including a starring role in the NBC hit The Good Place, animated movie gold in Frozen and Frozen 2, and her now-defunct fan favorite series Veronica Mars. And let's not forget, her performance as our favorite XOXO sign-off on the teen CW classic Gossip Girl.

Shepard is worth an estimated $12 million. The entertainer has gained success by carving out his own lane in the highly lucrative podcast industry. The former Parenthood star is now the host of the popular podcast Armchair Expert. The show currently has nearly 200 episodes and has featured special guests like Joy Bryant, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Seth Rogen, and of course his wife Bell on the "messiness of being human."

In the same 2018 interview with Conan, Shepard joked about his and Bell's nonexistent prenup. "But the joke is now on her because she’s become much more successful than me and has much more money than me," he said with a playful smirk.

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