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Ivanka Trump

Does Ivanka Trump Think She's a Republican?

Gettyimages | Alexandra Beier
By Robert Safir

Ivanka Trump made it known this week that she had changed her voter registration from Democrat to Republican on October 22, 2018. She had missed the deadline for switching her registration in time to vote for her father in 2016. Trump was a registered Democrat until her father started pursuing the presidency. She said in April 2016 she was an Independent.

So this is an interesting timeline. Ivanka was a registered Democrat. When her father started pursuing the presidency, she did not register as a Republican – she registered as an Independent. .

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Why Would She Do That?

Giphy | Election 2016

Ivanka defended her back-and-forth party affiliation(s) saying, "No one person or party has a monopoly on good ideas."

So, let’s get this straight. Your father is running for the presidency of the United States of America. He’s running on the Republican platform. Instead of showing your support for your father, you choose to be uncommitted. You won’t switch to the Republican platform, but you’ll go halfway by registering your party affiliation to be Independent. Does this seem like a good strategy for someone who is destined to become White House Senior Advisor?

The Trump Platform


In the past, Trump had been vocal about supporting liberal causes. She donated to politicians in the Democratic Party. She was in favor of gay rights. She was a believer in climate change and was in favor of the Paris Climate Accord. She says that she tends to agree more with the conservative perspective than where the Democrats are today. It’s not difficult to visualize Ivanka as a modern, free-thinking, open-minded woman who believes in a lot of the issues that the women’ movement supports.

However, how do you go from that frame-of-mind to supporting the Republican platform? Or further, how do you take on the positions of your father’s platform – the Trump platform, if you will?

What is the Republican Platform?

Immigration protest march
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Is there really a Republican platform today? If there is, it varies strongly from the platform of old. Try to imagine the Republicans before 2016 supporting these ideas (partial list):

Immigration - Launch a Muslim ban on the suggestion of a top senior advisor who has white nationalist ties

Foreign Relations - Approve the sale of nuclear energy –and weapons - to Saudi Arabia

Remove the US from the Paris Climate Agreement and put in measures to protect the coal industry

Use your position as president to increase profits for your personal business interests

Increase the US debt and deficit by trillions (not billions) of dollars, with no end in sight Insurance - Attempt to decimate the Affordable Care Act while offering nothing to replace it

International – withhold funds from a foreign power for military aid in exchange for dirt on a political opponent

Maybe There Really is No Republican Party

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner
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Traditional Republicans would never imagine a platform described above. What would Mitt Romney think? He would disagree with almost all of it (and support impeachment of the president). What would George H. Bush think? Silence. Speaker John Boehner? Silence. Traditional Conservatives? Silence.

Ivanka Trump may have registered with the Republican Party. But she is now a full-fledged member of the Trumpian Party. Perhaps this is why she took her time changing her party affiliations. Perhaps it was a matter of necessity in order to show support for her father.

Jared Kushner, also a White House Senior Advisor, formerly a Democrat, eventually registered as a Republican as well. What do Ivanka and Jared discuss at night? What they’re really thinking? Or what they should be saying?

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