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channing tatum and jessie j

How Serious Are Channing Tatum & Jessie J?

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Jacob Highley

After Channing and Jessie broke up in December, fans were majorly disappointed with social media exploding with questions about what happened.

To everyone's surprise, they got back together in January and have officially become an item. Furthermore, things have been moving rapidly for the two, with Jessie getting real close to Channing and his family.

With pictures and rumors going around about the two, everyone is dying to know just how serious it is between them. Just see some of the pictures they've been posting!

Channing Crazy About Jessie J Again!

couple holding hands
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Channing can't get enough of his new slash old girlfriend and has been regularly posting pictures and updates about how happy he is to be back together with Jessie!

Honestly, I can't say that I blame him. Jessie is beautiful and has a great personality. Channing has even gone so far as to publicly defend her on social media after some trolls insulted her.

Really cool to see that they are patching things up and having fun together. But Channing isn't the only one who's excited. Jessie has been posting too!

Jessie J Says Channing Is "Mine"

heart in the sand
Unsplash | Khadeeja Yasser

Jessie has posted some quality lover's moments on her social media. Really cute.

The last time I got this excited for a celebrity relationship was when Justin Timberlake announced his engagement to Jennifer Beil!

Though they haven't announced an engagement or set any dates, Channing and Jessie seem really happy together and I think an announcement isn't too far away.

Have you seen the way Jessie looks at him on Instagram? Dang, when I get a girlfriend I hope she posts stuff like this. Channing is a lucky guy.

Channing Loses Bet To Jessie J, Posts Nudes!


Ok, maybe Jessie is really lucky too. As many fans have commented online, they are super jealous that the "Magic Mike" star has been scooped up by her.

Apparently, Channing lost a bet with Jessie that resulting in him posting a nude photo on his Instagram. And to think it all started with a game of Jenga! (Boy that conversation must have been hilarious)

Jessie wasn't going to lose with a bet like this, and it's clear Channing was forced to uphold the end of the bargain! (Leaving every girl with a crush on him swooning)

Jessie J Spending Time With Channing's Family

Jessie J
Gettyimages | Michael Kovac

Things really are speeding up fast for the couple. Between the two spending romantic time together, or Jessie coming over and throwing dance party's for Channing's daughter, a lot of fans expect to see them get serious soon.

I'm hoping this relationship lasts for Channing. He is such a nice guy and really talented. He totally deserves to be with a rockstar lady like Jessie.

Speaking of rockstars, definitely check out Jessie's upcoming music, and Channing's future acting roles. They are sure to be awesome!

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