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The Cast Of Stranger Things

Season 4 Of 'Stranger Things' Is A Go! Here's Everything Fans Need To Know!

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By Aja

Audiences love great TV! One of Netflix's biggest series is the sci-fi thriller Stranger Things. Every season the show keeps getting bigger, badder and scarier! Season three certainly made audiences cringe and scream during each episode. Even with the gruesome bits, audiences can't deny the nostalgia of 80's references made throughout the series. There are so many things to gush over about Stranger Things. Now the show is returning to Netflix with a fourth season and by the looks of the teaser, it's going to be awesome!

Where Audiences Left Off At The End Of Season 3

David Harbour, Millie Bobby Brown & Finn Wolfhard
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Not all shows can end with a bang. Stranger Things fortunately knows how to leave major cliffhangers that have fans begging for more. On the last episode, The Battle for Starcourt it's up to Eleven to face off against The Mind Flayer and the leader of its flayed army, Billy. Both seek to kill the telekinetic girl but fail when Eleven turns Billy back to the good side. The possessed boy sacrifices himself to buy everyone time. Meanwhile, Joyce makes the difficult decision to leave behind Hopper, as he stays behind to close the gate to the Upside Down with explosives. With Hopper gone and Eleven loosing her powers, a dim future seems to loom over the brave Hawkins heroes.

The Season 4 Teaser Is Here!

David Harbour standing in front of "Stranger Things" poster
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The end of season three left audiences with the disheartening notion that Deputy Chief Jim Hopper may be gone forever. Worst, he likely died in the Upside Down after sacrificing himself. With the recent release of the teaser for Stranger Things season four, fans are relieved to know that the Hawkins Chief of Police is alive and well. Everyone is now wondering 'how is he still alive?' Better yet, why is he working with the Russians? All of these questions of course will have to wait until the start of the new season. Given Stranger Things previous release dates, it'll most likely fall on October of this year.

"Stranger Things" Season 4 Is Coming

The cast of "Stranger Things"
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Adding more fuel to the fire, the creators behind Stranger Things released a retro-esque, behind-the-scenes video of season 4's table read. The Duffer Brothers are indeed serious about the release of the series renewal. Fans seriously could not be happier. The footage shows the entire cast walking back and forth through a private gather hall, before taking their seats to do a table read of the new script. With all video these teasers and footage of the cast, it just makes the wait even harder for fans!

The Table Read Revealed A Major Spoiler About Season 4

Maya Hawke
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In the Table Read video, many of our favorite characters are returning, including a bald David Harbour who plays Jim Hopper. Looks like the Chief of Police hasn't died after all, to the relief of many fans of the anti-hero. Not only is Hopper making a return but so is Robin, played by Maya Hawke, who stole the show in season 3. Hawke's Robin was Stranger Things first LGBTQ character for the series, adding a sense of inclusivity that previous seasons lacked. While many fans are excited about Hoppers return, many are also looking forward to Hawke's fleshed-out storyline.

One Major Fan Theory About Season 4 That Might Become A Reality

Millie Bobby Brown
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Now that the teaser and table read video have been released, fans are starting to speculate over the events of Stranger Things season 4. While some couldn't be any further from the truth, some hit just right on the nose. A well conceived theory amongst fans has been that Eleven will finally turn evil. That fact she's been bitten and has temporarily lost her powers is reason enough to assume The Mind Flayer has finally taken residency in Eleven's mind. A girl with telekinesis and the power to open the portal to another dimension, times 10, isn't a good combo for anyone. While it'll probably ruin Mike and Elevens relationship, it will be a blast to see on tv.

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