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Post Malone Admits To Using Face Tattoos as a Distraction From Physical Insecurities

Gettyimages | Kevork Djansezian
By kenadijiba

Post Malone and the era of face tattoos. If anyone deserves a majority of credit for this generation's pride over getting unnecessary art pasted on their skin for decades to come, it is Post Malone. Unlike most mainstream artists Post has produced a national fanbase that gravitates toward him no matter what he does. Whether his choices come off irrational or genius, it doesn't really seem to matter to those who support him. The profound nature of his songwriting capabilities is what at the end of the day established his place in the entertainment industry.

Cultural Appropriation


Aside from the tattoos, Post has dabbled into a lot of controversy throughout these last few years. The main hitter being the accusatory claims concerning cultural appropriation. Many people within the black community find him, and other creatives alike him to be “culture vultures' ' who end up using hip hop as the gateway into the business, and then slowly but surely transitioning out of it. Now, to play devil's advocate shouldn't it be okay for someone to write powerful music in all genres without getting pushback? Well, yes but the hard truth is a lot of black artists don't get afforded that same luxury.

Eminem's Legacy

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Someone who has so elegantly navigated that rough terrain with supreme intelligence, is Eminem. What people appreciate about the rapper so much is the fact that you cannot deny his homebred talent. He also never tried to come off as anything other than what he was which garnered a lot of respect. To remain authentic but also respectful when entering these artistic mediums is what Post should have done. But, aside from that the man hasn't really caught flack for anything else. His tours continue to gross absurd amounts of money, and his career is on a high.

Bad Self Image

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So, if you are rich and you are doing what you love to do where is there room for problems? Well, interestingly enough friends what the past has taught us a million times over is that material wealth is not the key to happiness. For Post Malone this assumption can be tied to his own sentiments about himself. In a recent interview for GQ he talked in depth about feeling ugly, and having low self esteem even now with all the success in the world.



He connected his amount of tattoos to his lack of self worth which isn't a new process of dealing with these types of internal issues. Using the external to mask the pain is a common coping mechanism that is a quick fix, but ends up morphing into immense regret. How Post will feel about the random drawings on his face when he turns 60 is up in the air, but something that would be more beneficial than investing in inking his entire body would be diving deep into mental wellness.

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