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What Did Tom Brady Say At The Syracuse Game?

Gettyimages | Harry How
By Mario Perez

For those of you who are not well aware of why Tom Brady is popping around news sites of all sorts a lot more than usual recently here is the situation. Tom Brady is going to be a free agent. This means that he is going to be able to sign with any team that he wants.

Of course, Patriots fans are hoping that he does not move on to another team. Even at 42, the thought is that he can still play.

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The Dilema

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What is being debated is whether or not Tom Brady confirmed or denied that he was coming back to the Patriots in a recent clip. Tom Brady was seen at a Syracuse basketball game alongside his pal Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, who had some offseason issues of his own that he had to deal with. As well as, late-night host Jimmy Fallon.

The camera obviously goes to Brady and Edelman often and at one point Edelman can be seen saying "He is coming back". What Tom replied is what has sparked the debate.

What He Really Said

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The previous tweet allegedly contains a portion of the clip that was just mentioned with enhanced audio. In this enhanced audio, it seems that Tom mumbles "You got it!". To the claims of Edelman who mentioned that Tom was coming back. It is not clear if that is a reply to Edelman at all. Some people have even speculated that what he really said was something along the lines of "It is not going to happen." It is hard to really tell what went down.

The FaceTime Controversy

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Another bit of controversy in that same game came when video essentially shows that Tom Brady and Edelman are face-timing Mike Vrable. Vrable is the coach for the Tennessee Titans and he also happens to be one of Brady's former teammates with the Patriots during his playing days.

One of the teams that Brady essentially has an interest in joining is precisely that Titans team coached by his friend Vrable. In one night we had two indications of possibly different outcomes.

What Is Looking More Likely?

Giphy | New England Patriots

Patriots fans are perhaps the most anxious to figure out exactly what Brady is going to be looking to do. For them, the audio and the fact that he is out with Edelman confirms he is staying. Reports have been swirling for weeks. At one point it seemed that a return to New England was a lock. Certain sportscasters have now come out and said that they would "shocked if he came back".

At this point in time if there is one thing that is clear it is that nothing is clear. Unless you want to believe that in the video he was confirming the Julian Edelman claim.

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