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Rachel Lindsay

What Has Former 'Bachelorette,' Rachel Lindsay, Been Doing Since Her Season Ended?

Gettyimages | Michael Kovac
By Jordan White

Do you remember Rachel Lindsay?

She made history three years ago as the first African-American Bachelorette.

Rachel was a fan favorite and won the hearts of viewers with her wit and charm. And like so many seasons before, hers ended with an engagement.

During the finale, Bryan Abasolo got down on one knee and proposed to Rachel. She, of course, said, yes!

But, did the couple actually make it down the aisle? And what’s Rachel been doing since her season ended?

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She Changed Her Career

Rachel Lindsay
Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer

Rachel stood out during her season because, unlike previous Bachelorettes, she had an impressive career.

The Texas native obtained a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin. She then received her Juris Doctor degree from Marquette and became licensed in 2011. From there, she went on to work at the law firm Cooper & Scully, P.C.

After her stint on The Bachelorette, Lindsay switched careers.

Rachel is now a TV host for the sports talk show, ESPN First Take. And in 2019, she started hosting MTV's Ghosted: Love Gone Missing Ghosted.

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo
Gettyimages | Raymond Hall

When discussing why she made the decision to change careers, Rachel told Refinery 29, “I felt like I had hit a plateau, where I was just going through the motions, and I needed a change.”

"I felt fulfilled in the sense that I knew I wanted to be an attorney and I was living that dream out, but it wasn't enough for me,” Lindsay continued.

While her new job in sports might sound random, Lindsay actually comes from a sports law background. So the switch was rather seamless.

She Got Married

Rachel Lindsay
Gettyimages | Prince Williams

Yes, Rachel and Bryan tied the knot!

Miraculously, this Bachelor Nation couple made it down the aisle (and are currently still together).

Two years after their engagement, the couple wed on August 24, 2019, in Cancun, Mexico. Several members of Bachelor Nation were in attendance, including; Kristina Schulman and Astrid Loch.

Lindsay recently opened up to Us Weekly about the couple’s future and whether they plan on having kids.

"We hope [to have kids] sooner rather than later," she shared. "We’re not preventing it, but if we’re planning, in the next year.”

Fingers crossed we’ll see baby Abasolo’s soon!

She Moved

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo
Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

After the show, Bryan moved to Dallas so Rachel could continue practicing law. But now, the couple currently live in Abasolo’s home-town of Miami.

"Fast forward to now, I’m in a place where I’m traveling so much that it doesn't make as much sense to be in Dallas, other than my family, so it was nice to just show Bryan that I’m willing to pick up and move my life for you, as well, “Rachel told Hollywood Life.

The couple has no doubt faced obstacles after their very public courtship. Most couples on the show do.

But, hopefully, they have what it takes to make it!

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