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Spike Lee Speaks Out: 'Enough Is Enough'

Gettyimages | Kevork Djansezian
By Shadress Denise

Long-time Knicks fan and supporter, Spike Lee says, “he’s done attending games for the season.” Lee, a proud New Yorker and avid fan of the team has been seen on the sidelines of many basketball games. His devotion to his beloved home team has been noted and photographed over the years.

Sadly, these memories will no longer be enough for the Oscar-winning film director the remainder of this season. While attending a home game between the Knicks and Houston Rockets on Monday, Lee got into an altercation with Madison Square Garden security.

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In a video circulating, the superfan can be heard saying, “because no one told me. No one told me. I’m staying here. Now, if you want to arrest like Charles Oakley, go the f*** ahead. Oh, you are going to arrest me, put my head behind my back like Oakley?”

Lee’s mention of Oakley was in reference to his removal from the games in 2017, to which he also mentioned being harassed by the team owner, James Dolan. Now Lee feels Dolan is doing the same to him.

Charles Oakley was banned from MSG in 2017 after being arrested for assault. Although the ban was lifted, Oakley has chosen not to return.

Gettyimages | Mike Stobe

While appearing on ESPN’s First Take, Lee stated during an interview, “I’m being harassed by James Dolan. I don’t know why.”

He continued, “Look, it was a terrible experience and when I went home last night in a cab and let it chill. Then my son read me the statement by ‘The Garden.’ I said Nah, this is spin. Here is the story I have been coming the last 28 years plus my wife reminded last night we have been married 26 years and dating the year before that.”

The incident incurred because Lee was allegedly denied entry into the stadium. This led to the assumption Dolan was trying to keep Lee out. A representative for the team stated Lee was never denied entry into MSG, however he was asked to use a different entrance.

Knicks’ spokesperson also stated Lee was asked to use a different entrance multiple times and he apparently agreed to do so in a conversation with Dolan prior to the incident.

Lee reiterated during the interview how he had been using that exit during his attendance to the games over the past 30 years.

Gettyimages | MATT CAMPBELL

The 62-year-old continued with telling host Malika Andrews how the altercation initially began on the elevator but later spilled over into the stadium after he had taken his seat. He explained how security approached him as if he was a thief or something, then insisted he produce his ticket again so that it could be scanned for a second time.

“They wanted me to leave The Garden, walk outside and come back on 31st street,” he said. “I said I’m not doing that back, first of all, you scanned by ticket and you can’t scan a ticket twice.”

Lee eventually took his seat after being escorted in by a few people he knew. Dolan requested a conversation with the director, though Lee has declined the invitation. He states after this incident, he will not be attending any more games this season.

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