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Sofia Richie snugged up to her boyfriend Scott Disick

Sofia Richie Talks About How She Gets Along with Boyfriend's Baby Mama Kourtney Kardashian

Gettyimages | Joe Scarnici
By Angelic Conoscere

It is a question that many fans want to Kourtney Kardashian and Sofia Richie actually get along as well as it seems? Richie has been filmed on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians and there has yet to be a major brawl between Scott Disick's new girlfriend and his ex. The trio have spent time together along with Disick and Kardashian's three children; Mason, Penelope, and Reign. The young model and daughter of famous singer Lionel Richie have been in a relationship with Disick for over two years now.

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Staying Close to Scott Disick

The beauitful model poses in front of a backdrop filled with flowers
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It does seem that the relationship between Richie and Disick is getting more serious and she has no plans on going anywhere without Disick by her side. 21 year old Richie will be on the cover of Cosmo and she revealed the key ingredient of remaining on good terms with Disick's ex. She states "I mean, just be nice. There’s no reason not to be nice." that's your advice ladies. If you are in a relationship with someone who has kids all you have to do when it is time to meet the ex, Richie suggests all you need to do is be nice.

Do They Currently Get Along?

Sofia Richie walking beside Scott Disick
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However, fans wonder if everything between Kardashian and Richie have been going smooth lately. The question arises after fans have noticed that Richie stopped following Kardashian on Instagram which is an assumed key indication that the two might not be on the best terms. Funny how unfollowing someone on social media can cause such speculations. Was it due to a scene on KUWTK that made even the viewers feel uncomfortable? Whatever caused the model to stop following Kardashian it seems that all must be good between the pair since she is now following her once again.

How Richie Feels About the Critics

Sofia Richie posing in front of a lunch table
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When Disick and Richie had confirmed their relationship many people were not fans of the couple dating due to their age gap. Richie is 15 years younger than Disick and fans could not seem to be impressed with decision to be romantically involved. Richie had spoke about the subject with Cosmo . The young model states that she is happy so she refuses to let random onlookers bring her down. Richie is clearly dropping knowledge for anyone who is paying attention.

Richie Overcoming Anxiety

An upclose shot of Sofia Richie
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Richie also opened with during her interview with the magazine company about her mental health. The model mentions why she feels comfortable about talk about the subject, due to her having to deal with severe panic attacks. Richie gave situations that lead her to have the episodes, something so casual such as being in traffic would be a trigger. She also stated that doctors wanted her to be on medication but she did some reading on her own to recognize what was going on with her mind and body. Lionel Richie's daughter found a way to battle her anxiety attacks which came from her acknowledging the pressure she was causing herself during the attack and would reassure herself that she was fine. More valuable information the model is offering. Richie further mentions that 2020 revolves around her losing fear and "hustling". Cheers to that!

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