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Miley Cyrus & Cody Simpson

Miley Cyrus On Romantic Lunch Date With Cody Simpson Amid Pregnancy Rumors

Gettyimages | Charley Gallay
By Jacob Highley

Recently Miley Cyrus was spotted having a romantic date with Cody Simpson. The couple has been together for a while now and fans are loving every second their together.

What started as a close friendship has quickly developed into a celebrity hot topic. Fans of both Cody and Miley absolutely love talking about them on social media.

There are also rumors coming out that Miley may be expecting a child, with Cody not really denying rumers when asked about it. I've been doing research on this and I'm not really sure myself.

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Pregnancy Rumours Circulating


Considering Miley's history, I wouldn't be all that surprised if she and Cody were expecting at this point.

That being said, there is little more than speculation going about and I'm not sure how far their relationship has gone at this point.

Fans who closely follow the pair say they simply cannot wait to find out whether the rumors are true. Plus, I think we'll have a pretty good idea soon considering how frequently Miley posts updates on her Twitter and Instagram.

Miley Is Super Active On Social Media

Miley Cyrus
Gettyimages | Ian Gavan

Recently, Miley has been showering her fans with gorgeous photoshoots and some punk attitude. It's like watching a rock star share their mood every day.

I would really like to see more of the couple in pictures on Instagram (since I think they make a good pair) but many fans prefer just seeing Miley.

I can't blame them for that, especially with expectations for some new music to be released this year. A lot of fans have complained that she should have released her next album last year.

Miley's Working On Some New Music

Unsplash | Anthony DELANOIX

On March 13th, Miley will have the debut of some new music and is expected to make a fantastic performance.

Twitter has been especially active with fans discussing their expectations for a long-awaited performance.

I'm a sucker for Miley's music myself. She's very gifted as an artist and I for one think her next concert will be well worth the wait.

Though some former fans have never approved of her drastic changes in the last decade. They say she's changed too much from the former artist she was before.

Miley Lives For The Party, Says She's Comitted No Crime!

man underwater with drinks
Unsplash | Jakob Owens

Despite criticism, Miley has shown little regret for her flashy lifestyle, no matter how reckless some say she's been. She fully accepts who she is today and the kind of artist she's become.

Interestingly, Miley shared a lengthy message on Instagram which basically explains that being "open and transparent" with her fans is of the utmost importance. She doesn't see that she has anything to cover up or be ashamed of.

Kudos to Miley for sticking to her guns and making a very new image for herself over the last decade. It is going to be a very fun and exciting year for Miley!

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